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Hometown: Up North
Current location: Michigan
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What does he or any GOP'er know about Checks & Balances?

I'd like to C&B him.

Their C&B's are far too dysfunctional, and have no real meaning

Remember back in the day when they thought Hillary was going to win? They bragged about how they were going to weigh her down with multiple Congressional hearings. They had mountains of files. They bragged about it! I heard one say they had 5 years of material -- whatever that means.

Imagine how disappointed they were when Donald won, lol. The poor things - all excited to be on TeeVee, with their posturing, sound bites, and faux disgust. Oh, my!

Well, they'll be thwarted again when we have the House and the Senate. Yay!

I've had labs drawn every month, sometimes twice.

There's no problem. You have wear your mask. They'll probably take your temp, ask a few questions, sanitize your hands, then let you go get your lab work.

At least that's how it's done in my neck of the woods.

This is how I see Donald's future ...

I was reading in another thread that the Trumps want to own their own media to take on Fox. I think it's a pipe dream, specifically because I don't think they can afford it, and I'm not so sure they'd be able to find the financial backing.

So, I got to thinking what life would be like for Donald after we elect President Joe Biden ...

Once out of the powerful Oval Office ...

Donald, his kids and company will be bogged down in legal issues and legal bills.

He won't have the RNC or campaign donations to pay his and Don Jr.'s way anymore. I suppose they could start a GoFundMe.

I'm sure opportunistic lawyers won't deem him worth their while to defend anymore. Some may, but Donald is facing deep legal problems. Who wants to sign on knowing Donald is notorious on stiffing attorneys?

Unlike now, with family and sycophants propping him up to make him presentable to the world, he'll be a pathetic, senile old man who won't have much to offer. He'll rage on and rage Tweet, but after a short while, who cares what he has to say anymore? Donald may go down rather quickly.

And his kids? Presently they're only useful to people who try to capitalize on the old man while still in office. Once he's out? Well, his kids and son-in-law aren't too bright or even likable.

I could be way off base, but am curious as to DU's speculation.

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