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Member since: 2001
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Are the equity markets chasing the dragon?

Seems like the market is in constant need of a stimulus in order to show a return, zero (or near zero interest rates), corporate tax cuts, stock buy backs, etc. When these massive stimuli go away, the markets seems to dawdle or even decline.

IOW, it's always chasing the next high.

Patton Oswalt on The DMV and the Post Office - Great Take

Republicans have nothing to offer Americans except fear of non-White people and Racial nationalism

Their domestic agenda only works for people with a lot of money. If you're not rich, Fuck Off. So how do you win elections? By playing on racial fears. By cozying up to White nationalists.

This is what conservatism and Republicanism have become. This will continue and only get stronger after Trump. There is no working across the aisle with them. There is no middle ground. It's not about percentages on tax cuts.

The politics of this century is the politics of demographic change.

All Daniel Day-Lewis Voices and Accents. What an incredible artist.

Please note. That is really Oprah, not Daniel playing her. Though I'm not 100% sure.

Why does the Fed need to lower rates again after the massive tax cut last year?

Shouldn't the reverse be true? According to Republican dogma, tax cuts make the economy go super sonic. So much wealth that the Fed is forced to slow things down because everybody and their dog are just raking in the cash.

So, shouldn't we be in a booming economy right about now? Shouldn't the average pay for workers be skyrocketing because of all the great jobs created by the now lighter taxed corporations?

I mean, the Feds only lower rates at the sign of economic problems, but that shouldn't be the case because of the tax cuts. Am I right?

Last Week Tonight - And Now This: The Weather Channel's Graphics Department Is Insane

Last Week Tonight - And Now This: Some Clips That Have, To Put It Mildly, Not Aged Well

Epstein could never do what he did for as long as he did without enablers

His enablers are just as monstrous as he is. Maybe more so.

Patton Oswalt: Movies and Men and Women and Birth

I'd thought to post this in the lounge but it has greater social and political significance:

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