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Member since: 2001
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Save Big Bird!

Questions About Vairous James Bond Villians

How is it that they can hire so many minions? What is the pay like? Do they get benefits? Are they union? Do they have a HR dept? Payroll? What about the Family Leave Act? Do they get health insurance? Dental?

How do they recruit? Monster.com?

Enough About The Damn Debate -- Move On

Stop harping on about it. Let it go and turn the page. We got a terrific jobs report this morning, and that effectively kills Romney's one argument for replacing Obama.

No one is going to care about the debate on election day.

Morning Joe Timeline for Fri. Oct. 5, 2012

8:00 AM to 8:28 AM - Constant gloating about Romney's performance. Questioning Obama's intelligence and mastery of information. Questioning whether Obama can talk without a teleprompter. Asking if Romney's debate performance could turn around Ohio polls. Showing video of Romney and Ryan with fireworks behind them.

8:30 AM - Sept. jobs report is released showing 7.8% unemployment rate. Joe is besides himself trying to figure it out. First, he says that labor participation rate must have dropped, but he's corrected. It actually went up. The panel cannot believe what just happened to their morning.


Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.8%

Good night Mr. Romney. Enjoy your debate win because that's all you will win. The mood literally changed dramatically on Morning Joe.

Unemployment rate drops to 7.8%. Good Night Mr. Romney

Enjoy your fucking debate win cause that's all you will get.

Okay, I Bought The Books, "A Song of Fire and Ice" **NO SPOILERS**

I got the 4 paperbacks off of Amazon for $20 and I bought the last book as hard cover. Books arrived on Sept. 7th, and I began reading them. I thought that it would take me 4 months to finish them.

One month later, I've finished the first two books, and I am half way through the 3rd book. I literally cannot put the books down. In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I will pick up the third book at page 517.

The books are incredible.

I'd Rather Win The Election Than A Debate

Heck, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum won debates in the Republican primaries. What good did it do them? Debates don't win elections. Ground forces and GOTV do. The fundamentals of the election are pretty much set in stone. Sure, Mitt made his base feel better last night, but that's really all that happened.

So for all of the hand wringers out there, do sit home and fret. Get off your duff and work harder. Donate some money to Grayson or Elizabeth Warren. Take some positive action. You'll feel better for it.

Do People Want Poltical Entertainment More than Political Substance?

Okay, Romney gave better theater last night than did Obama. I will grant you that, but the substance of what he's pushing is still the same. He wants to take away the social safety net, take away middle class deductions, take us into war in Iran, and give huge tax breaks to the wealthy. His presentation last night was more entertaining than Obama's, but the American people see right through it.

The Democrats have won 3 out of the last 5 presidential elections. Their only "losses" were 2000 (SCOTUS) and 2004 (9/11). Additionally, more traditional red states have gone blue than traditional blue states have gone red. The lesson here is that in a normal straight up national election, the American people prefer Democrats to Republicans.

Debate theater does not change the basic fundamentals of a presidential election.

Someone Please Cite a Presidential Election Where A Debate Turned The Election Completely Around?

Sure, a lot of folks here are not happy, but please point me to one presidential election where a debate completely changed the dynamics of the election. Show me one instance where a debate was a game changer.

Thank you.
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