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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 28,049

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Wow, they're attacking Elizabeth Warren for not endorsing Bernie

First, it's AA. Then, it's the Southern states. Then, it's the Red states, and now it's Elizabeth Warren.

They're at war with everyone, yet the cornerstone of their strategy is building a vast political revolution. A revolution of whom?


I'm switching my vote to Zoe for President!

Donald Trump & Dwayne Camacho GOP 2016

Hillary's SC Acceptance Speech. After three days of watching Republicans insulting each other like

some cheap day time talk show, it's refreshing to hear someone talk like an actual president.

It's easy being Liberal in a blue state. Takes real courage to be a Liberal in a deep red state.

Takes courage, diligence, and toughness when you're surrounded by fundies 24/7. We owe it to those Liberals fighting ignorance, sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. to treat them with respect and dignity.

No Dem campaign should ignore them or overlook them, esp. ones where building a political revolution is the cornerstone of its appeal.

--On Edit--
I salute Liberals and DUers who live in deep red states. You have my utmost respect.

Moving on to the general: What red states can Hillary win in the fall?

I really don't see any 2012 Obama state going over to Trump in the fall. I would be shocked if they did. I do see three red states flipping to Hillary: NC, Georgia, and Indiana.

Can she pick up one of these three states? I think so. What say you?

Trump Mocks Rubio by throwing water

Got it! Nominate Mitch McConnell for SCOTUS

Then watch him as he avoids meeting with himself.

When does Maury Povich come out with the DNA test results?

I'm dying to know Wolf Blitzer's Baby Daddy. My money is on Rubio.

A prediction

Starting around 1:15 AM on the morning of Wednesday, March 2, 2016, you will see cries for Bernie to run as a 3rd party candidate.

You read it here first.
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