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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 28,039

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Fuck the Republicans, Quid Pro Quo on your SCOTUS nominee.

The Dems should respond by saying that if the Republicans don't hold a vote for an Obama nominee, then they will block ALL judicial nominees of the next president if it's a Republican.

Fuck this shit once and for all.

What high profile cases are before the SCOTUS right now?

Can someone compile a list?

If Obama can't get a nominee through before his term ends, this raises the stakes of this election

to a new high. It would mean that the next president gets to choose a nominee to the SCOTUS on day one, and will probably get to nominate at least one more during his/her term.

Why can't you speak ill of the dead?

Nobody offered condolences to Hitler's or Pol Pot's families when they died. Scalia was an asshole. I'm glad he's gone. His death is good for America.

Kamala Harris, The California AG, for the SCOTUS

Here's her wiki page:


Bernie Sanders is making Hillary personally responsible for our rigged campaign system

which is a form of sexism. If Mr. Sanders wants to decry her for taking campaign cash, then he has to decry ALL other politicians in Washington who do the same thing. He's taken money from the national party which was raised through corporate donations. So, he's without sin.

Post a pic of your pet, and I will give you a heart


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An attempt to explain the riff between PoC and Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders paints Wall Street as the root of everything that's wrong with this country. Now, I can't speak for all POCs, but to say that the primary evil in America is Wall Street and/or the 1% is insulting. To not address systemic racism with the same vigor as his attacks on the 1% shows his tone deafness on race.

For example, if Bernie became president and got EVERYTHING that he wanted passed into law, systemic racism would still exist.

Does taking campaign contributions from corporations disqualify any Dem from any office?

The new Bernie standard is that if a candidate takes campaign contributions from corporations, then they cannot be trusted and should not get the support of the people. Is this the new standard?

Your prison cannot hold me!!!

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