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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 28,030

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How do we know if the Trump/Putin collusion stopped after the election? Is it still going?

How can we trust Trump's appointees? Are they feeding sensitive intelligence information to the Russians?

Can someone provide a quick mid-day summary of what happened?

For all of us at work?

Obama's REAL farewell address with his anger interpretor (Key & Peele)

The final scenes from "All the President's Men"

Anyone got two $10s for a $5?

Fitzmas. Remember Fitzmas.

Temper your emotions.

Why not let people buy into Medicaid?

For people whose incomes disqualifies them for Medicaid, why not just let them buy into Medicaid at a lower premium?

How to fix the ACA: Create a default govt. health insurance plan--The Public Option

If any American cannot get an affordable plan or does not qualify for Medicaid, then they can buy the Public Option which would also be supported by a small federal sales tax on non-essential goods and services. Food, housing, education, some forms of energy, healthcare, clothing would be excluded from the federal sales tax. Sales taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, and sugar would be levied higher.

Has WikiLeaks ever leaked something from Putin's government?

Or some other totalitarian regime in the world? Why is it only US secrets that get leaked?

The real culprit in our problems with Russia? Sarah Palin.

She was supposed to keep an eye on Putin from her house in Alaska, but she dropped the ball.
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