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See, this is what happens when you raise dogs and cats together

The dog starts imitating the cat:


(Dog on the right) "Dude, you know you're being filmed, right? And you know this is going up on Youtube, right?"

Pre-existing conditions and the Republican healthcare plan

There's a gaping hole in the Republican healthcare plan. Under their plan, I can go without health insurance until I need it at the very last minute. For example, without the mandate, I can go for years without having health insurance until I get a cancer diagnosis, and then I can buy health insurance, pay a penalty for not having it, but the insurance companies would still have to cover me.

What incentive is there for anyone to ever have health insurance? Just wait until you need it, buy it, and just pay the penalty.

Question about Rachel Maddow's story on Wilbur Ross and the Fertilizer King of Russia

For your reference, here's the link to Rachel's masterful reporting on the Fertilizer King of Russia:

My question is how does one become a multi-billionaire by being in the fertilizer business.

Is it possible that Trump's aides were working with Russia without Trump knowing it?

Or, they kept Trump in the dark so that he would have plausible deniability? My theory is that Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Paul Manafort all didn't think that Trump had a chance of winning. They went along with Russia's plan to undermine Hillary's presidency so that they could do business with Russia's oligarchs.

Maybe Trump knew or maybe he didn't. Or maybe he didn't want to know at all. Or, maybe he wanted to be in the dark, but wanted Russia to know that he was on their side and look forward to the post-election deals to come. Besides, no one would investigate the tampering since Hillary won anyway.

After Trump won, he was stunned. He had two problems. Could he still do deals with the Russian oligarchs and what if his team's collusion with the Russians was investigated? For the first problem, he signaled to the Russians through Flynn and others that they could still do business. But on the second problem? Well, we're seeing how they're handling it now.

Let me try out this new cat bed.

It's sort of stinky, but it'll do:

What's the count of the number of Trump's people that met with the Russians?

How many different people do they need to meet?

Billy Joel's "Miami 2017"...Well, It's 2017

FX's critically acclaimed drama, "The Americans", returns for a new season next Tueday, March7th

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, set in the 1980s, it follows two Russian spies living in America as a normal American couple raising two children in suburban Va. The two spies get highly classified information by developing relationships (even marriage) with Americans working in government, the defense industry, and even the military. They'll use love, sex, blackmail, violent threats, or any other available device to get highly classified information.

Now, I know that the plot line seems very far fetched, but it's still a great show.
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