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If Paul Ryan is the Republican nominee, who would you be more comfortable with, Bernie or Hillary?

If Ryan emerges from the Republican muck as the nominee, he will be damn hard to beat. I see the Republicans rallying hard behind him, and he just has to soft pedal his positions to get over.

I wouldn't be confident that either Hillary or Bernie could beat him, but I do think that Hillary would be stronger. Bernie's political past, his positions, and his age would be easy fodder for the Republicans to tear him apart. Yes, Hillary has her problems as well, but she would be better at fending off the attacks and taking him on.

Trump won't be the Republican nominee for president. Neither will Ted Cruz.

Trump will drop out of the race sometime between mid-May and early June. Cruz won't have enough delegates to win on the 1st ballot which will throw the convention wide open.

The consensus choice will be Paul Ryan.
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