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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 18,909

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: Happy Holidays!

Pic Of The Moment: 2014 Congressional Year In Review

Infographic: Congress by the Numbers in 2014

Estimated Cost of Election 2014

Pic Of The Moment: Marco Rubio, Human Rights Hypocrite

Marco Rubio slams Cuba agreement, says Obama is 'willfully ignorant'

Rubio blasts release of 'one-sided' torture report

Bonus link: US/Cuba: Obama's New Approach to Cuba

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Exploring Run For President

And So It Begins... 'Jeb Bush Announces He'll 'Actively Explore' 2016 Run' - NBCNews

Bush: Fool Me Once...

Pic Of The Moment: Cleveland Police Union Chief Offers Advice To 12-Year-Olds

Police union chief calls killing of 12-year-old justified

Video Shows Cleveland Officer Shot Boy in 2 Seconds

Dick Of The Moment: War Criminal Has No Regrets

Dick Cheney Would Torture Again

10 Craziest Things in the Senate Report on Torture

"Rectal Feeding," Threats to Children, and More: 16 Awful Abuses From the CIA Torture Report

Pic Of The Moment: Rick Perry Tells Reporter, "Running For The Presidency Is Not An IQ Test"

Rick Perry: Presidential Campaign's 'Not an IQ Test'

Pic Of The Moment: Cheney Throws Bush Under The Bus

Cheney Throws Bush Under The Bus:"He Was In Fact An Integral Part Of The (Torture) Program"

Reminder: George W. Bush Said The U.S. Didn't Use Torture

Pic Of The Moment: John Boehner Explains Why Americans Have Such Little Confidence In Congress

Omnibus Bill Allows Wealthy Donors To Give Even More to Political Parties

Congress Will Block D.C. Pot Referendum

"One of the reasons why Americans have such little confidence in Congress..."

Pic Of The Moment: Report: Bush's CIA Engaged In Brutal, Illegal Torture For No Reason

Senate report on CIA program details brutality, dishonesty

CIA Torture Report Includes 'Rectal Rehydration,' 'Rectal Feeding,' Other Brutal Interrogation Methods

Senate Releases Historic CIA Torture Report Condemning Bush-Era Detainee Treatment

Senate Report Says Torture Program Was More Gruesome, Widespread Than CIA Claimed

Senate Report Finds CIA Interrogation Tactics Were Ineffective

U.S. report condemns CIA harsh interrogations, says did not work

BONUS QUOTE, in case you run into any conservatives today who are trying to push the "let's not look back" talking point:

[font size="4"]"There's no need to defend myself. I did what I did and ultimately history will judge."[/font]

-- George W. Bush, reflecting on his presidency in an interview with USA Today, April 21, 2013
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