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Bernie Sanders swept all of the focus groups and won on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Every type of 'poll', 'survey' or 'study' that I found on who won the debates returned Bernie Sanders as the undisputed winner of the debate. However, it appears that Hillary has big media in her back pocket since most of the "who won" editorials, written immediately after the debate, are trying to convince folks that Hillary won.

Preliminary Nelson ratings say that 11% of all American homes with TVs were tuned in. This debate was the highest rated Democratic debate in history. And 980,000 were livestreaming at one point — more than streamed the Republican debates. Therefore, a whole lot of people watched the debate and will be more influenced by the actual debate rather than the post-debate editorials.

Focus Group Says Sanders Was Big Winner at Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders wins with Fusion focus group

Majority of CNN Focus Group Think Sanders Won First Debate

The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Wins… At Least By Google Analytics

Bernie Sanders Clearly Won Tuesday's Debate -- On Twitter

Overnight ratings point to Democratic debate record

Democratic debate live stream outdraws GOP debate
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