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The River

The River's Journal
The River's Journal
April 10, 2016

Like the Drinker Who Has To End Up

in the gutter, like the gambler who has to go bankrupt or
the junkie who's forced into rehab, this country doesn't seem
to be able to respond to anything but a full blown crisis before
it is willing to change.
Frankenstein food, lead filled water, polluted air, lack of healthcare.
The list goes on and on. Lady Liberty is being raped in the kitchen
but we won't get off the couch to help because "American Idol" is
on the idiot box. So be it.
I've "got mine" so I shouldn't care, but I do. I don't care about race, gender,
age or religion, I care about principles, honesty and character. If you care more
about breaking a glass ceiling than climate change, if you care more
about name recognition than income inequality, If you care more
about "Party" than principle, I won't help you in November.

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