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Bo Zarts

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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 24,769

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Important wildland fire update for the desert southwest.

If you don't know how scary this is, then you aren't paying attention: "Most fuel types and species will ignite readily, exhibiting aggressive rates of spread (outside of model parameters and experiential knowledge), with potentially explosive fuels/terrain plume-driven fire behavior and profuse long-range spotting". Outside of experimental knowledge? Oh, shiiiiiii ..! Sadly, THIS is fast becoming the new norm.

I'm told to expect a very active fire season in Idaho. I just hope it doesn't approach what is going on in the Southwest Geographic Area right now. I report for fire season duty in Idaho in mid-June.

Anyone living in the WUI (wildland urban interface), should be familiar with the excellent guidelines of Firewise.Org :


I just renewed my ACLU membership, after a lapse of quite a few years.

Take that, Yeti!


Pinyon Peak Fire Lookout, Idaho
(Permission granted for noncommercial reproduction)

Selfie on the Trail

"Ho Chi Minh" Trail
Caesar's Head Mountain
South Carolina - April 3, 2022

The Real Florida

Grayton Beach State Park
Florida Panhandle
2022 Bo Zarts Studio

Gulf Coast Village at Sunset

Florida Panhandle
2022 Bo Zarts Studio

Sand Road

Florida Gulf Coast
2022 Bo Zarts Studio

A 2/22/22 Beach Party: Free Beer, Wine, Whiskey, and Cigars!

Grayton Beach, Florida
February 22, 2022
2022 Bo Zarts Studio

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Florida Panhandle - February 2022
2022 Bo Zarts Studio

iPhone13 PRO-MAX
1/16000 sec
ISO 50
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