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denbot's Journal
denbot's Journal
December 13, 2011

Dear Monkey Gods of Admin status

The Veterans Group does not have any Hosts. I don't know exactly know what hosts should do, but I do believe that DU NEEDS a Veterans Group, and I would like to help it get started.

My qualifications are: I am a Navy veteran with a campaign ribbon for service in the persian gulf. I am the son of a Veteran, the Nephew & cousin of Army, Navy, Marine, and Airforce veterans of the Vietnam War, Grand son of WWII Navy vet, great grand son of a WWI veteran, and a great great grand son of combatants from both sides of the apache wars.

My primary medical and occasional mental health care comes from the West Los Angeles V.A. Hospital system. I am sure there are much better hosts out there, but I am more then willing to fill in until they muster for duty.

I for one hail my Simian Overlords.

Peace, and should that fail, poo shall be flung.

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Name: Dicky McFuck-Face.
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The DU'er formerly know as denbot, then known as puerco-bellies, and again known as denbot. I am the 3021st person to register on DU, so that makes me a dinosaur, with little better to do with my time then lurk, snark, and occasionally toss a little raw meat in to GD.

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