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denbot's Journal
denbot's Journal
March 18, 2012

That fucking tears it. Veterans please respond to my proposal with a thumbs up or down.

Again a DU'er has made a blanket insult to veterans that was alerted on, and let stand by a jury.


This is not the first time, and I am fucking sick and tired of this horseshit

This would not happen if someone said that Mexican's were dirty, Black's were lazy, Gay's were pedafiles, Middle Easterner's were terrorists.

But blanket insults to veterans are left to stand. I would like a tumbs up or down to take this to the Admins as a group wth those who wish to cosign on the thread.

If we do and the admins let these blankets insults stand I am out of here.

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The DU'er formerly know as denbot, then known as puerco-bellies, and again known as denbot. I am the 3021st person to register on DU, so that makes me a dinosaur, with little better to do with my time then lurk, snark, and occasionally toss a little raw meat in to GD.

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