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denbot's Journal
denbot's Journal
January 25, 2023

Same here in MB

Small creaks and pops from the house’s wood frame, and plaster walls. I felt/heard the initial jolt, looked up from my tablet and after a half second or so felt the initial compression waves, then within a couple few seconds you could feel side to side shake lasting maybe 15-20 seconds total.

Woke both cats sharing twin recliners with me. The male Siamese who claimed my wife side let out a low yowl and almost got up to hide before the quake settled down.

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Name: Dicky McFuck-Face.
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The DU'er formerly know as denbot, then known as puerco-bellies, and again known as denbot. I am the 3021st person to register on DU, so that makes me a dinosaur, with little better to do with my time then lurk, snark, and occasionally toss a little raw meat in to GD.

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