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I went to my local bar last night for a end of DOMA toast...but VRA had me down

local gay bar, everyone was excited about the SCOTUS ruling, and some people were making plans to get married as soon as possible. i, however, couldn't shake the feeling of being shafted as a black person, while celebrating as a gay person. I live in California, so I don't think my right to vote will be affected by the latest horrible, backward, crazy SCOTUS decision but it most certainly affect other black people. I can shake this feeling of...betrayal, disappointment, weariness. I find it difficult to rejoice in the outcome yesterday because of the outcome the day before.

scalia talks of racial entitlements...while the murderous bastard zimmerman stands trial for a real racial entitlement: the ability to murder black people, without consequence. roberts is an anti-voting rights activist, and had no business deciding this case (ditto for scalia). alioto and thomas: disgraces. there is a special place in hell for them.

my friend, a former DUer, moved to guatemala a few years ago, and i am thinking of joining her. i really admire the people who are energized to keep fighting, but i am tired, disappointed, etc, etc, etc. i've been engaged in this battle since ronald reagan was nominated, and i am not sure i want to do it anymore.
Posted by noiretextatique | Thu Jun 27, 2013, 12:56 PM (17 replies)

Hey GOP, the party of personal responsibility: we'd rather blame Nader than hold you accountable

for all the atrocities you continue to commit. so...please continue, because we don't have a clue as to how to stop you, but we get endless hours of joy from blaming Nader for everything you've done.

stopping the recount in florida 2000--Nader's fault. if he wasn't running, there would have been no need for a recount (never mind katerine harris' voter purge). but since there was a voter purge in florida, and problems elsewhere, it's still Nader's fault because we don't hold the GOP accountable for its crimes. the GOP is the only legitimate opponent of democrats.

gore v. bush--Nader's fault. if he didn't run, it wouldn't have been close enough to steal.

citizen's united---Nader's fault. if hed hadn't run, and if you hadn't stopped the recount and if you hadn't created a one-time only law for george bush that disenfranchised all the voters...president gore would have filled a scotus spot. clearly: nader's fault.

voting rights clause struck down: Nader's fault. see number 1 or 2 or 3.

rinse, lather, repeat.

how different things might have been if americans were more pissed off about gore v. bush (some call if treason) than Nader's decision to participate in an election (which is not illegal, last time i checked.)

oh...and Nader is also really, really bad for stating there is no difference between corporate bought and paid for republicons and corporate bought and paid for democrats. there is no difference between michelle bachmann and sheila jackson lee...yeah, that's exactly what he meant!!!

Posted by noiretextatique | Tue Jun 25, 2013, 04:09 PM (35 replies)
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