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So, Walnuts thinks the president was "mean" to Mittens

and that the "insults" were uncalled-for????


It's "just a joke" when Mittens et al use those [strike] dog-whistles[/strike] BULLHORNS to spew racist /xenophobic nonsense as they send ignorant photoshops around via email or use them on misspelled signage, or when a sitting congressman yells out " YOU LIE" during a joint session of congress...or when they continually make "jokes" about Kenya or birth certificates..or when campaign big shots (like Sununu) suggest that the president needs to "learn" how to be an American..

Those are hunky-dory, but "on-topic zingers" are somehow not fair..


Mitt W Bush

Larry Sabato says "people are not that organized" to skew polls..

I say "Hah"..

This has the grimy fingerprints of Karl Rove all over it.

I have read recently that he and some of his henchmen have "started" polling companies.

He has enough clout to muddy the waters....and to get his polls included in with the others, when media reports & averages the polls

Rove is an evil-genius when it comes to stuff like this.

We USED to be able to know what the exit polls were, so we could convince ourselves that the count was relatively accurate, and Rove, Co (and his complicit media pals) managed to get that stopped

Recounts are little more than re-adding "quirky" counts

Polls that swing wildly and are questionable at best, are just the latest wrinkle to get people to have no way to evaluate anything.

Our "elections" are unspeakably strange, and have been for a long time.

For all the money and effort that gets poured into them , you'd think that some attention to correcting the methodology . Without a "blow-out", are we ever realy sure that the real winner gets to serve?

Flashback: Thanksgiving 2000

My daughter in-law & son visited us, and of course the "background-music" of that time was the incessant Gore V Bush razzamatazz, 24-7. She was a Bush voter (our son was a Gore voter...as were my husband and myself.

It was a stressful Thanksgiving, what with the snarky comments and dirty looks (from her, because she was being "picked on"..)

She is now a proud and newly registered DEMOCRAT.. She admitted to our son that she did vote for Obama in 08 after having voted TWICE for that cretin, Bush.

She is born & raised in Salt Lake City, a Mormon...and a "mitt-hater".

She calls him the "Freaky-Phony".

Her family still there are new Dem recruits too ( although their votes will be hopelessly drowned out)

But but but Obama has no plan for the FUTURE..

What a crazy "argument".

What he's been trying to accomplish, takes TIME..

People don't show up at their home-site and harangue the builder/contractor for being slow to get on with the painting & interior-decorating.. Foundation first, then the "guts" (wiring, plumbing, framing, roof, flooring etc).. There is a progression to things, and only a small child cannot understand how things work.

I remember when our son was 4 and I was pregnant. Every morning, he ran into our room to see if the baby was there yet. He could not wrap his young brain around the fact that 9 months was a very long time.

The plan for the future is the same as it was in 2007, when the president was running for his first term.. CLEAN UP THE MESS. A mess as big as the one we are in, takes time.

Anyone who has ever been in debt understands how it works. Just "deciding" to work on paying down debt, is not enough. Every month SOMETHING will some along to thwart your best plans, and even end up adding to the debt sometimes.

A promise/plan/hope is just that... a basic framework to follow and aim for, but real-life (aka recalcitrant congressional saboteurs) can cause the best of intentions to remain unrealized.

"Premium Support" is to insurance, what "Defined Contribution" is to pensions

Anyone lucky enough to have a defined BENEFIT pension knows the real difference.

A defined benefit (vs defined contribution) pension assigns a NUMBER to the amount you will receive, so you can PLAN your future.

401-ks are defined contribition, and you spin the roulette wheel....retire in good times and you win...retire in or after a crash (which happens with historical regularity) and you lose.

Have a "premium supported" insurance plan and all you get is a "coupon" and you are on your own, no matter how high those premiums go..

If you get a $1.00 off coupon for an item that costs $1.59, you are in luck (if you buy that item already), but if the $1.00 off is for an item that costs $50.00, you might just use that coupon to scoop up crumbs from the kitchen counter...

GOP: If you are 40-54.....screw you.

I am sick to death of hearing all of them glibly toss out the "If you are 55 , nothing changes for you".

I am (thankfully) well into the "safe zone" (63+), but there are a gazillion people who are wearing bulls-eyes. These are the 40-54-ers.

These people probably delayed childbearing, so many of them have small-ish kids underfoot and many have teens who might like to drive or go to college..some have both.

These people probably never had an option to have a pension, and what "old-age security" they may have had, might also have been gutted when the 401-k turned into a 101-k a few years back.

These people also have aging parents, who may be with them for a couple of decades (or more), since their parent's generation had children at younger ages. Grandma may only be 18 years older than Mom & Dad.

These people are well-into careers that have been ravaged with cutbacks, downsizes, outsources, and many employers see them as a liability, not an asset, and as soon as a Bain-ish crew comes along, they will gladly take the money and run.

These are also the people who saw their home equity (if they even were able to try to buy a house) wither up and blow away, so many of them are faced with the real possibility of either trying to pay off a house they can no longer "afford", and can also never sell without bringing cash they do not have to the closing, if they do manage to find a buyer. Paying someone to take your house is never a pleasant task.

40 & 50 year olds usually have debt too, since pay increases are about as obsolete as the rotary dial phone.

Most of this group of people has an income that barely covers expenses (if they are lucky), so there is a slim chance that they are saving much, if any money for their old age.

If we think poverty is an issue NOW, just imagine what it will be like when these "stripped bare" people get older, and have NO options.

No one ever got "rich" living on Social Security/Medicare, but the safety net it provided, has kept millions of people from being destitute and sick.

As a country, we have to decide what is important. Is it the goal of our country to just enrich the already-rich, or is it to be fair to ALL people?

Kind of like "Florida? or Texas?"...but this time, Illinois

By Deanese Williams-Harris, Chicago Tribune reporter

October 10, 2012

A Chuck E. Cheese's employee is accused of stabbing a woman with a box cutter after an argument about a salad plate, police said.

Shardonnae Pruitt, 19, of the 9600 block of South Merrion Avenue in Chicago, was charged with simple assault and battery after the incident late last month, police Officer Laura Kubiak said.

The 25-year-old customer told police that Pruitt stabbed her about 3:15 p.m. Sept. 30 at the restaurant at 5030 S. Kedzie Ave., Kubiak said.

The customer was with a 40-year-old man who became angry that Pruitt had taken away his salad plate and threw his utensils on the floor and demanded to see the manager, police said. Pruitt returned with the manager, and the man asked to make a formal complaint against Pruitt, police said. When the manager stepped away, Pruitt threatened the man, pulled out the box cutter and stabbed the woman, police said.

A manager of the Chuck E. Cheese's declined to comment Tuesday.

Pruitt is due back in court Nov. 14, according to court records.

Woman Tells Police Being a Republican Should Keep Her Out of Jail

Woman Tells Police Being a Republican Should Keep Her Out of Jail

A diner at P.F. Chang's China Bistro told police he was afraid the Council Bluffs woman might hurt one of the employees after they tried to eject her for her political rant.

By Beth Dalbey

October 10, 2012

Diners at a West Des Moines restaurant ran into two things that don’t mix – alcohol and politics – not long before President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney meet in their second presidential debate.

After an encounter that neither candidate likely approved, Charlene Idelle Hunziker, 47, of Council Bluffs was charged with public intoxication and harassment of public officials.

Hunziker reportedly refused a sobriety test and admitted to having consumed alcohol, but insisted she was not drunk, according to the report. A witness reportedly told Morgan that Hunziker was drunk and had been bothering other customers with her opinions about the previous night’s presidential debate, her support for Romney and her belief that “Obama had ruined this country and ... Muslims were causing America all these problems.”

The woman’s daughter proclaimed her mother “an embarrassment” and walked out of the restaurant, the witness said. When restaurant employees asked Hunziker to leave, she “got in the employees’ face and told them that she had rights and was refusing to leave.” After the woman told Morgan she was a Republican, he told her that he couldn’t just leave – a statement she reportedly argued, according to the officer’s narrative of the encounter. The report said Hunziker kicked, screamed and struggled as Morgan and a backup officer tried to handcuff her and place her in the squad car.

Just in time for Halloween.. Alternative vegetable jack-o'-lanterns

Alternative vegetable jack-o'-lanterns
The produce aisle has lots of ghoulish options when a pumpkin just won't do.
By Networx.com
Thu, Oct 04 2012 at 1:11 PM EST

he tradition of the jack-o'-lantern stems from England, Ireland and Scotland, where ghostly flickering lights, a natural phenomenon known as “ignis fatuus” or “fool’s fire,” might be seen in the distance over bogs, swamps or marshes and would disappear upon approach.

It was thought to be trying to lure nighttime travelers off the safe roads. In Ireland, the story goes that an unsavory character named Stingy Jack kept tricking the devil into not claiming his soul upon death. When he got to heaven he found that God didn’t want him because of his misdeeds, so he was condemned to roam the earth with nothing but a burning coal to light his way. He carved a turnip into a lantern and became known as Jack O’ the Lantern. People were so afraid that he was coming to get them that they would carve their own pumpkins to scare him off.

Across Britain and the continent, people started making their own spooky lights from various indigenous hard vegetables that were carved out and lit with candles from within. Immigrants to America brought the tradition with them and began using locally grown pumpkins, which were larger and easier to carve.

If you’re looking to shake things up this Halloween, why not evoke a little of the old country? Here's how

snip for examples

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