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Congrats to Texas..

Looks like elections have consequences. Part 34,765

Abbott seeks new spending but wouldn’t raise tax revenue


By ROBERT T. GARRETT rtgarrett@dallasnews.com

Austin Bureau

AUSTIN — Gov.-elect Greg Abbott has proposed some new education, border policing and social services programs, which would expand Texas’ general-purpose spending by slightly more than 1 percent.

Over the next few years, he also wants to increase highway spending by several billion dollars.

But Abbott takes a hard line against any increase in tax revenue to pay for them. He wants to fund his spending priorities from existing revenue, which is bountiful because of the state’s strong economy. Abbott also is promising to scrap wasteful programs, though he hasn’t offered details.

“We will ensure the public sector doesn’t smother the private sector,” Abbott said early in his campaign, as he unveiled eight desired changes in budgeting procedures.


Punch in the right side of the face, the left side and the back of the neck?

Was he just sitting there playing pinata?
First he claimed that Brown grabbed the gun...then he claimed he could not mace him because he could not reach his weapons..

Looks more like this to me..

Wilson is a doughy pasty-faced white boy (ginger-y fairest of the fair, skin-wise)

I have known many of these folks in my lifetime, and whenever there's an embarrassment, or fright, the adrenaline flush takes over.. They go all red in the face, blotchy and uncontrollable.

Tell me that he was not scared out of his wits after having just committed murder in broad daylight, and was now being measured & photographed by doctors..

Having a "D" next to the name is not necessarily enough (McCulloch)


Robert P. McCulloch is the Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County, Missouri, a post he has held since 1991. A Democrat, he has historically had bipartisan support as a popular prosecutor and has won re-election in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2014, often unopposed but by wide margins when he has had an opponent.

Everyone, even a "D" should be held to high scrutiny.

I think the Ferguson "verdict" has been reached, BUT

the powers that be are waiting for sufficiently awful weather to release it to the public.

On a cold, sleety, rainy, windy day, they will officially notify everyone, knowing that bad weather will thin the crowd.

Weather Channel expecting Guinness Record for

what USED to be NORMAL broadcasting..

The Weather Channel was a welcome addition when we first got cable.. Any time, day or night , 24/7/365 you could tune in and see WEATHER....

not 2 Fat Guys in the Woods or Famous Hurricanes from 20 years ago (while an ACTUAL, REAL hurricane was hitting Mexico)

Olive Kitteridge..

I liked the acting, but man o man what a downer this show was.. Everyone was unhappy, and suicide was something everyone seemed to think about a lot..

Did anyone else watch it ?
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