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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
April 29, 2014

Doggie table-manners

My son sent me this..It's so much fun

April 25, 2014

Did the Bundy 160 acre spread really just cost his Daddy $10.00 + 1.95 in fees?

Looking at the deed, it sure seems that way. Talk about the bargain of the century..

No wonder they love free stuff..

Link to original deed

link to story cotaining various familial links

April 15, 2014

What Putin wants

Everything east of the red line.. He will get what he wants because no one will go to war to stop him..

April 10, 2014

Our president ...being chivalrous :)


President Barack Obama saved wife Michelle’s skirt from blowing above her head in the wind as they boarded Air Force One today.

As the Obamas boarded the plane in Houston, Michelle’s skirt began to vigorously billow in the wind. Barack kindly placed his hand over his wife’s bottom to save her from potentially embarrassing photos.

more photos at link.. it was a very windy day

April 4, 2014

Take a photo of your "poll-watcher" (re: new Wisconsin law)

and demand THEIR info...

and perhaps Dems should sue for them to wear name badges with their names & addresses on them for all to see...

They stand close enough to hear all the personal info about "the watched"..

Is not turnabout, fair play?

Would they be fearful if strangers knew THEIR "data"?

April 1, 2014

A "side-effect" of the ACA that the GOP is probably fearing

Fewer desperate young people eagerly signing up for the military..

When we first "un-drafted" the military we still had enough people enlisted for the long term, who could handle things, but....

Our modern military now NEEDS young tech-savvy people who are desperate enough to sign up because of the BENEFITS..

The ones we have in now are pretty much soured after multiple deployments, and if they can leave the military and get affordable health care for their family, many will opt out ASAP..

The new ones required may be less eager to join up if they can now afford benefits without risking life & limb..

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