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GOP ticket will be Bush/Walker

with Jebbie perhaps hinting that he will be a one-termer... Walker is young-ish and will be seen a a lock for 8 more years after Jebbie steps down to spend-more-time-with-his-family..

Walker will then run with Mia Love...who is very young/attractive and black... Love will have had some DC experience by then..

When juries do it, it's called nullification

and many times we think of them as being "heroic" to ignore what seems to be irrefutable evidence....but

when a branch of our government does it, are we somehow expected to accept it?

When the rabid-rightwing senators take it upon themselves to willingly refuse to legislate on behalf of the citizens, and openly defy the president, and in doing so, denigrate him, diminish him, demean him, etc., how can they be allowed to get away with it?

I am glad to see the press at least acknowledge their folly, but even in doing that, it's still being treated as little more than a faux paux that just shows how "silly/ill-advised" they are...and in a few weeks this will just be one in a long string of nonsense that they have perpetrated over SIX LONG YEARS.

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