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Ed Schultz totally blew off his show

I can't say I blame him.. I;m sure he will land on his feet somewhere.. I will miss the attention he gave to labor issues..

He may have had a planned vacation, but I doubt it.. i think he was just tired of being jerked around and said Adios

A few questions about University "police"

Is this a nationwide "thing"?

Are they recruited by universities and then trained by local police?

Are they full-fledged local police who are hired by universities?

Are policies universal or at the whims of each collegiate board (or whomever hires them)?

If they are truly UNIVERSITY police, aren't they only police ON CAMPUS?

Thinking back to the Skip Gates incident, was that cop a university cop? Or was he sent on campus as a result of 911?

After the Samuel Du Pose episode, I am starting to see a Zimmerman-esque tinge..

I don;t even think we had university police way back when I went to college...at least I never saw one or knew they existed..

A cat, a dog and the other one

Mitch McConnell's Move Leaves Ted Cruz Out In The Hallway
House-Senate panel will have to reach deal without the Texan's help.

Have you all met Earl, the grumpy puppy yet?


who's known as "Earl the Grumpy Puppy," has an underbite, some wrinkles, and a dark complexion causing him to really live up to his name, Caters News reported. The second generation puggle, (pug and beagle mix), lives with 25-year-old Derek Bloomfield in Iowa, and rose to viral fame about a month ago when a photo of the dog was shared on Reddit, amassing more than 5,100 upvotes and over 2 million views on Imgur. We can see why -- he's giving the queen of the Interwebs, Grumpy Cat, a run for her money!

Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read


Boy Who Couldn’t Afford Books Asks Mailman For Junk Mail To Read; Mailman Responds Spectacularly

Ryan Grenoble
News Editor, The Huffington Post

Posted: 07/28/2015 12:55 PM EDT | Edited: 2 hours ago

Twelve-year-old Mathew Flores is a bit different from the rest of us. He loves junk mail.

Until recently, advertisements were the only reading materials available to the boy. Flores loves reading so much that he approached his mailman in a Salt Lake City suburb on Friday to ask if he could have any junk mail.The strange question prompted the mailman, Ron Lynch, to ask why. Lynch detailed Flores' response in a heartbreaking Facebook post afterward.

"Today while delivering mail to his apartment complex, I saw him reading ads, and then he asked me if I had any extra mail he could read," Lynch wrote. "He told me his wish is to have books to read. I told him the library had many, but he said they don't have a car, and couldn't afford the bus."

Lynch then asked his Facebook friends if they could spare some books for Flores:

"Most kids his age want electronics! It's great to see his desire, and you should have seen him beam when I said I could help!"


Those interested in sending books may ship them to:

Mathew Flores
c/o Sandy Post Office
8850 S 700 E
Sandy, UT 84070

There is no GOP

What it has morphed into is a disparate mess of hate groups.

The time has come for it to disband completely and for these groups to stand on their own. Each claims to be the heart of the party, but although they do share some qualities, most are just fringe hate groups:

there are "wimmenfolk" haters, whose goal is for women to retreat to the birthing chambers and kitchens ..and to become their husbands' chattel

there are fetus worshipers who would begrudge a penny spent to actually help support the babies born from these unwanted pregnancies they claim to care so much about ...

there are the xenophobes who attribute their own failures to any person with darker skin than their own...never to the fact that they may have dropped out of school at 15, had 5 kids before they were 25

there are the rock'em-sock'em hell raisers who love to call themselves tea party-ers, but they are just plain ole malcontents who act like stubborn toddlers whenever and wherever they can

there are the libertarian-esques who think they should be left alone and should never have to pay for anything.. These people never left the pubescent mindset. They look grownup, but they are moochers

there are "good old days" gang who wax nostalgic about the 50's without realizing that 50's people paid hard core taxes so those good things could be available to many white men.
They ..also cleverly "forget" that millions of people never were able to cash in because of gender or skin color.

The main things that unite these groups are:

faux religiosity
mean-spirited greed

Not much "Grand" left in the grand old party

Old remains because many (most?) of them are getting up there in age

and it IS a pity party, to be sure. They claim that everyone is out to get them. but maybe Paranoia has replaced the party

These parties just need names, and should be forced to identify their goals...and should run candidates of their own, instead of trying to stitch that raggedy quilt back together every 4 years

Christian party
No taxes party
No blacks party
No foreigners party
Sacred fetus party
No girls allowed party

I would gladly accept the disbanding of the democratic party as well:

Labor party
Gender equity party
Save the earth party
Fair voting rights party

What WE stand for could stand alone..what they stand for cannot..

THIS Ken Calvert?

Appaprenly one of OUR scumbags is involved on the latest Battle flag issue that now dogs the house pf representatives..

Many of you do not know him like WE do
Google him.. there is much more since this episode...

Scandal Imperils Young Political Career : Politics: After months of denial, a Riverside congressman admits sexual relations with a known prostitute. 'I was feeling intensely lonely,' he says.

RIVERSIDE — It would not have been an easy reelection bid in any case for freshman Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Riverside), who barely made it to Congress two years ago. But now Calvert's biggest reelection hurdle may be his own indiscretions, which also could pose a problem in surviving even his own party's June primary.

The reason: After months of denying it, Calvert, 40, has admitted having sex in his car one night last November with a woman who police say is a known prostitute.

Initially, Calvert--a member of a prominent Riverside County family--said he was doing nothing wrong with the woman when police saw them together on a Corona street. Corona police said simply that the congressman was spotted sitting in his car with a female, that there was no criminal activity and that after a few words the congressman drove off. But the Riverside Press-Enterprise newspaper went to court to press Corona for release of confidential police reports that had been prepared by officers who were sensitive to the fact that they had a street-level encounter with their local congressman.

"My conduct that evening was inappropriate," he said--not because it was illegal, but because "it violated the values of the person I strive to be." He admitted that he was caught in "an extremely embarrassing situation." He said he did not pay for the sex. He said he "panicked and tried to drive away" when the officers confronted him, but "came to my senses" and cooperated with them. Corona Police Capt. John Dalzell said Calvert was not detained or arrested (or strangled, shot, pistolwhipped"

Dalzell said Calvert did not try to exert influence to avoid arrest. He said the officer's decision not to pursue the matter "wasn't a close call. He didn't even call for a supervisor." In his explanation for his conduct that night, Calvert said he had come back from a rough week in Washington and was reeling from his father's suicide a YEAR earlier, as well as his wife's request for a divorce, which had been granted just a few weeks before.

"I was feeling intensely lonely," he said.

snip for the rest of this insane report


If the GOP wants to whittle down the debates, it's simple fix

NO one participates until ALL their paperwork is done, and on file with the FEC and media.. (NO EXTENSIONS)..

I'm sure that some of them (especially Trump) will drag their feet until the very last second, and will then bow out after he has caused shitstorm after shitstorm.

Only TRUE candidates, who have followed every rule to the letter, should be participating in debates ..

That one thing would separate the wheat from the chaf
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