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Ben Carson suspends campaign (not for the obvious reason)


Washington (AFP) - Republican Ben Carson temporarily suspended his US presidential bid Tuesday when four members of his campaign team were in a serious car accident in Iowa, where the first votes in the nomination process will be cast.

A van transporting the group "hit a patch of ice and flipped on its side where it was struck by another vehicle," Carson's campaign said in a statement.

One volunteer was being transported to a trauma center in Omaha, Nebraska, while three others including a campaign staffer who was driving the vehicle were being checked at an Iowa hospital.

"I'm suspending all campaign activities today due to a car accident involving members of our team," Carson said on Twitter.

His campaign said Carson will travel to Omaha to be with the injured volunteer's family, the campaign said.


Trump's campaign-wife announcement is gonna be something else

She's probably dancing on cloud nine

She will be his stand-in because "the lovely Melania" is too foreign, has a thick foreign accent, and is probably not all that interested in the campaign..


Sarah is PERFECT.. She'll get a fancy Trump jet to whisk her around..get her own hair/makeup person..and a snazzy new wardrobe

and she'll get out of Alaska, away from those pesky kids..and of course boring-Tawwwd..

She's a grifter, and hooked up with a con artist, they will be a dynamic duo.. She probably has a fancy title as well..

perhaps "Campaign liaison" along with a handsome retainer fee..

So get out your earplugs..that whiny twang of hers will soon be assaulting us again

Anyone else loving "Younger"?

I loved the main character in the ballet comedy that ran a few seasons..

I binge-watched season one , and was not disappointed with the new season premiere..

It's on TVLand (for those of you who don't know about it.. I found it by accident...

Is every child fathered abroad by US servicemen, eligible to be president?

Or does the child have to exit a US citizen woman to become eligible?
Obama's father was foreign (BUT, Obama was born a US citizen because Hawaii is a state)

Cruz' Dad was Cuban..Mom American..& he was born in Canada..

If Cruz' MOTHER had been a Vietnamese woman, impregnated by a US soldier, would he still be eligible?

Canada v Vietnam...just different spots on a map

Here's a hypothetical

John & Susan Smith both work for an oil company.

John was born in Nebraska
Susan was born in South Dakota

While they live abroad , they have children..all born in ..let's say Saudi Arabia (just for fun)

The parents love the money they make there, so they stay..

Their kids go to school there..socialize there and all speak fluent Arabic

After the kids graduate, they go to the US for college

One son is interested in politics..

Is he sufficiently "natural-born American" for most republicans?

Or, would he be suspect for speaking fluent Arabic?

Would his childhood friendships be suspect?... What if a childhood friend of his went on to be a terror-suspect?

Could he be required to have a DNA test to prove that his American born father was "really" his Daddy?

As we are a more global society these days, there really needs to be once and for all clarification of just what IS a natural-born American.

No American who lives abroad ever really thinks that their in-utero child may someday have citizenship questions, but there are LOTS of babies being born in places where their parent now work (that are NOT their native lands).

Moms no longer sell candy at the Sears candy counter, while Dad works at the car dealership right down the street from their house.

This "question" will come up a lot as more and more people work and live abroad.

When the constitution was written, the fear was that some child of a lord would show up and wrangle the presidency away to reinstate British rule.. The reason for "natural born" being in the law, was to make sure that NO ONE BORN IN ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY could ever ascend to the top spot.

Every time the issue has arisen, it's been a non issue because the person either did not even participate in a primary (Romney), or was born on US soil abroad (McCain), or soil that later became US soil (Goldwater).

Surely, SCOTUS can spare a few minutes to rule on this for the future..

Dudes...the word is pronounced pres-i-dent..

It's NOT prezzzzzz

I am so annoyed when the candidates cannot seem to articulate the whole word...

More often than not, they all seem to say "when I am prezzz of the united states" or the "prezz" said this or that"..

Maybe the First Lady can call him "prezzz", but it seems to me that if you are auditioning /applying for the job you should at least say the word..

...end rant...

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