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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
October 29, 2018

Pittsburgh, if you are listening...

SHUN THE BASTARD....lock the synagogue doors and don't let him in

no press....no questions..no nothing..

Let the MAGA buffoons show up...but no one else..no protests (he LOVES that)

October 29, 2018

48 years. 9 months...and now I am a widow

Tues at 2:40 AM my husband woke up with his arm "not feeling connected"..He was fully lucid, able to speak, walk and even move his left arm/hand.. I knew this was probably a stroke, so off we went to the ER.. Got there in less than 5 minutes..

Over the next few hours the symptoms lessened, the scans & tests were ok,,and by noon, we were discussing rehab with the therapist..My husband was pissed that he could not put on his own sock, but was determined to get it all back with therapy..

It was diagnosed a mild ischemic stroke.

We had dodged a bullet....or so we thought

He ordered a hospital lunch, dinner & breakfast, and we were expecting a mid-morning Wednesday release..

He told me to go home & get a rest...

3 hours later a neurologist called and said he had just had a massive bleed in the brain and was being transferred to a more specialized center..

Our two Calif sons were already enroute even though they were expecting something minor, and our Seattle son headed here to drive me to wherever they were transferring Dad.

We ended up at a great facility in Vancouver WA, but nothing anyone could do would reverse the damage..

He struggled valiantly, but died Friday..We were there and he did know it, even though he could not speak.. His right side was not affected and he squeezed our hands and used a thumbs-up..

Both of his parents died from strokes, so I know he would not have wanted to live like they did after their strokes.

It still hurts to not have him here..

Here's a pic of us when we were new & pretty..

October 22, 2018

Has anyone heard how much the "Magical Mayhem Tour" is costing taxpayers?

Every sitting president campaigns, but most of them have had the good sense to announce upfront that their party is footing at least part of the cost.....and then they also try to do some legitimate "president-ish" stuff to justify the trip..

El Buffoono"s cartoonish, fact-free frenzy has to be costing a fortune .

They could put a cardboard cutout, a kid shooting MAGA hats from a tee short cannon, and a tape recording on the stage since he says & does the same shtick every time

October 6, 2018

Kavanaugh's daughter is just 2 short years away

from being "fair game" for boys like HE was..

There might be some interesting conversations going on between his wife (who probably never knew) and her girls..

Her pained expression told me that she HAS seen that anger & that twisted demonic facial expression before.

No doubt she's in it for the long haul, but google will never "be their friend" and those girls will end up knowing more about Dear Ole Dad than he ever wanted them to know..

I hope he's happy with his big adventure

October 6, 2018

Kavanaugh's demise could be the $200K mysterious payment.

His personal finances have to have been precarious until suddenly that enormous debt was washed away, clean and clear..

We know it was not student debt...he would have honorably told us about that..

A flimsy attachment to "home improvements" could bring bank fraud charges if untrue..
He was questioned briefly about it, and denied that it was a gambling debt.

A HELOC loan or similar that was secured improbably or fraudulently is a problem for him.

Hopefully a house of representative's committee can subpoena the necessary documents around that "monetary miracle"

Republicans used to be very interested in dirty/illegal money... (except for Trumpies cons)

At this point a true impeachment may be off the table, but we still need to get the facts of every grimy detail of "FFFFFBart" 's life so that forever when he's googled, the truth will be there..

October 2, 2018

Cats often do not kill/eat the mouse right away

They like to play with it for a while until they get bored and then they kill it.

Trump is a big ole fat-cat, and we are all just his mice..

Why he gets away with it is beyond me, but he does

the FBI thing is just a game to provide cover and to appease a few righties who are pretending to waver.

sad time in the usa.

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