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My 3 sons & families are with me this Christmas

I feel a bit guilty though, because while my husband was alive ( he died Oct 26th), we never made a big deal of Xmas..

It's always just been the 5 of us, and they married into LARGE families who DO make a big fuss, so we've always encouraged them to participate...but this year they are worried that I would be alone..(I would, but it's not that big of a deal for me)..

We don't do "gifts" anymore since they are grown ups, but I DID score with the mimicry hamsters..

If you have not seen them, do yourself a favor and get one..if you can find one

We have laughed ourselves silly ....and these three grown men are "teaching" their hamsters to rap...the hamsters copy every sound it hears..and you can imagine how they are corrupting the poor little guy .. They will all have one to take home with them ..

I'll get my turkey ..didn't do anything for Thanksgiving... and life goes on..

Merry Xmas to all

What's your turkey name?.. I am Yammy Feather-Bottom

Some Dow Jones fun facts


That was the FIRST time the DJA hit 1000...It took 76 years to reach 1K..

History of the Average
Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the Dow's history is the time it took to reach 1,000 point milestones. When the index was first introduced, it stood at 40.94, and it took roughly 76 years to reach the 1,000 mark. As of this writing, the Dow has not hit the 27,000 mark. https://www.money-zine.com/investing/stocks/history-of-the-dow/

Milestone Date Time
1,000 November 14, 1972 76 Years
2,000 January 8, 1987 14 Years, 2 Months
3,000 April 17, 1991 4 Years, 3 Months
4,000 February 23, 1995 3 Years, 10 Months
5,000 November 21, 1995 9 Months
6,000 October 14, 1996 11 Months
7,000 February 13, 1997 4 Months
8,000 July 16, 1997 5 Months
9,000 April 6, 1998 9 Months
10,000 March 29, 1999 12 Months

Apparently, I'm a military genius

Scored a 93%... who knew.. I even missed some stupidly easy ones


I've decided that I no longer like binge-watching

I am an avid binge watcher and always suffer an almost depressive state when I watch an entire season and NOW I HAVE WAIT A WHOLE F-ING YEAR TO WATCH MORE

I did it with Ozark last year, and with Sneaky Pete, and with Bosch and I just did it again with Mrs Maisel..

Will Mulvaney get TWO paychecks now?

My guess is yes

Baby, Just Go Outside

a clever approach to the controversial song... these folks have other funny parodies too.. The lazy shelf elf is cute


Since "everything" is about the money these days, can losing candidates sue?

If they lost to the GOP candidate due to fraud, why not sue them for financial damages?
Campaigning costs shitloads of money these days, and if people begin to think their candidate is only going to end up cheated out of a win, why even bother to donate?

Any money recouped could be donated to charity, but surely media would be all over it like stink on the city dump

I think it's time to severely limit absentee ballot voting


people in a care facility (long term rehab center/nursing home)

people with a valid medical reason (accompanied by a real note from a doctor..and then verified by registrar)


That should be IT...

The military ballots should be collected at the base and then ALL submitted so that they arrive BEFORE election day.

In fact ALL absentee ballots should be MAILED and delivered by USPS BEFORE election day.

Instead of anyone asking for and getting an absentee ballot...ALL states should have EARLY voting for the entire month of OCTOBER (or perhaps a different month if it's a special election in a different month)

Republicans have always led in absentee balloting (don't want to rub shoulders with election day riff-raff?)

If dems who now are in charge anywhere do not fix this problem, we truly are doomed to second class citizenship for a long time.

Republicans in charge exploit any and every opportunity to limit voters to only their favorites.

They purge indiscriminately, they move polling places, they make up phony rules for IDs, they intimidate voters, they lie about "voter fraud" when the real thing is GOP ELECTION FRAUD, they gerrymander relentlessly, they "accidentally" put wrong dates/times/locations ...and any other devious scheme they can come up with..

Nice hair, Dude..

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