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Jarrod Ramos...shooter ( twitter feed)


The fruit of the poison tree is....poisonous

Every time a justice dies/retires, we have the same trauma because:

we let GW be appointed 5/4...and he appointed Alito & Roberts

We operate at a perpetual razor's edge, so when Obama did get to appoint, he had to be super-careful so as to not offend republicans,and we got "moderates" Sotomayor & Kagan, with the recusals that followed (because Dems obey norms & rules) and we allowed Scalia's replacement to be deferred.

By now, we should just understand that we are not playing the same game as republicans. They play Russian Roulette and WE are the only ones who shoot the gun at ourselves.. They just keep loading the gun and handing it back to us.

We run the wrong candidates, we waste money going to court instead of using that money to make sure our voters comply with their bullshit voting requirements.

We perpetually believe that there are still persuade-ables. They are extinct. We have gangsters/thieves & rebels running things and they never compromise...never relent...and they do it gleefully. Dems are always cautioned "Don't gloat" when we "win one".. Republicans are always in full-gloat mode. Their flaws are not flaws.. they are features.

These things happened because we never learn from history. Republicans "win" because they DO know history (except for Trumpster) , and they are ruthless in bending it to their will.

It's debatable what the US will be after a two term FoxNews presidency, but it makes me glad that I am the age I am.. I fear for the younger ones who will have to rebuild this place if they ever get another chance.

Needed: Cooking school in DC ..for Misunderstood Republicans

They will enjoy the company, as they learn to cook for themselves.

If eating at restaurants is dicey these days, they can take turns cooking for each other.

Seems like a golden opportunity for investment with some of that slush fund money they bathe in..

Mrs Pruitt can be the manager

It's time the be the stick

Public shame in front of their children is one tactic that may actually work, long-term.

Most parents really do NOT want their children to see their faults, foibles & failings. This is the underpinning of the "family secrets" thing that many people only find out years later in life. By the time they find these things out, they have lived long enough to have some perspective.


when Mommy or Daddy is booed in public, or has mean things yelled at them or when the family is asked to leave a restaurant/movie, there is no escaping the fact that Mommy or Daddy has probably done something really bad..

Small children tend to be very curious, and may even become fearful of just who their parent is, as a person.

As long as there is no real physical danger, I see public protest of evil people as totally "fair game".

There need not be a "flower-shop/bakery/lunchroom counter" linkage, as long as the protesters make sure it's abut the specific actions the people have done..HS Barbie has power to enact cruel policies/Huckleberry Pearls willfully LIES every day,etc..

I am tired of media tut-tutting every time a republican gets his/her comeuppance, and Dems being criticized for being mean. Just because we believe in fair play and are the antithesis of republican mean-spiritedness, should not mean that we should always be on defense and never offense.

We are perpetually stuck with being the pinata.. It's time to be the stick

The Donald IS a bad entrepreneur

I am surprised that he has not figured out a way to make some serious money on the border deal...

If the government is prepared to pay $775 per day per person, all he needs to do is build a 5k room swanky vacation resort..

a family of four would generate $3100 per day for the Trumpsters, and Lord knows these poor migrants could use a little pampering for 20 days...and then they could go home rejuvenated...and perhaps return again..

and the buildings could proudly display the Trump name.... perhaps even a gigantic tiled "TRUMP" at the bottom of the pool too

A project like that at every border entry spot could jumpstart the local economy too

just in case

Republicans DO have a perfect immigration plan in mind

It has very distinct and simple rules

Permanent resident ......EASY entry:

Your skin color must be in this range
or (if your surname is Trump)

Your bank account must be in 6 figure minimum range

You must speak fluent English (unless you are a cute woman 17-26 year range)

**** skin color may vary if you plan to buy a condo in a Trump building (but you may not live there permanently)


*** This section is for the darker skinned folks

(for crop picking/meat processing, etc)

Male Eunuchs ......Sorry about the eunuch thing, but we cannot have you "mixing DNA" with our precious white girls.

Must be willing to work specified parts of the year for $5 hr wages, and must live on-premises.
No drivers' licenses allowed

Sterilized females......child care...maids..cooks (see above)

just in case :...

Brothel owner ousts incumbent in GOP primary

Family values in action

BY REID WILSON - 06/13/18 07:37 AM EDT


The owner of some of the country's few remaining legal brothels is a step away from claiming a seat in Nevada's state legislature after he won a Republican primary in a rural district outside Las Vegas on Tuesday.


Hof mounted his second bid for public office after state officials proposed banning brothels from operating in two of the seven counties in which they are still legal.


This time, Hof cast himself as the "Trump of Pahrump," his hometown. In April, he campaigned alongside Roger Stone, President Trump's longtime political adviser. He also sent frequent screeds, jammed with different fonts, sizes and colors, to reporters, calling the news updates "The HOFington Post."

Hof is highly likely to win the seat in November's midterm elections, when he will face Democrat Lesia Romanov. The district, mainly centered in Nye County, gave Trump more than a two-to-one edge over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Some people take the rocks out of their coat pockets

and unfortunately some button up the coat and dive in..

My major depression was a lifetime-in-the making......... so many rocks....

Lucky for me, I got professional help, as well as intervention from friends & family

The odd thing was that my anger at them for constantly bothering me and making me go outside or get out of bed or eat, seems to have been the trigger that made me "feel" again.

Until I got angry with them, I was content to be in the ennui of the daily experience that was my life..

I had (and still have) physical health, a happy marriage, great kids, normal daily aggravations, but I fell into a rut and was too exhausted to even try to get out.. I wanted to be out...not just of the rut, but out of everything..

I made no actual plans, but was probably well on my way to it..

All these years later, I am still very pragmatic about death and my kids often get on me, because I CAN see the world without me, and I do not fear death... I am not suicidal, but at my current age, there are a LOT more years behind me than ahead, and it really does not bother me a bit.

Perhaps my earlier "brush" with the idea has desensitized me

RIP Tony.. I always loved your shows and am sad that your demons won

There is a new party.. GOPPP

It's now The Grand Ole Paranoid Pity Party

It's a perpetual pearl clutching, woe-is-me, I'm so oppressed fest

There is no normal GOP anymore (was it ever really "normal"?)

What it has morphed into is a disparate mess of hate groups.

The time has come for it to disband completely and for these groups to be forced to stand on their own. Each claims to be the heart of the party, but although they do share some qualities, most are just fringe hate groups:

there are "wimmenfolk"-haters, whose goal is for women to retreat to the birthing chambers and kitchens ..and to become their husbands' chattel

there are fetus worshipers who would begrudge a penny spent to actually help support the babies born from these unwanted pregnancies they claim to care so much about ...

there are the xenophobes who attribute their own failures to any person with darker skin than their own...never to the fact that they may have dropped out of school at 15, had 5 kids before they were 25

there are the rock'em-sock'em hell raisers who love to call themselves tea party-ers/conservatives , but they are just plain ole malcontents who act like stubborn toddlers whenever and wherever they can

there are the libertarian-esques who think they should be left alone and should never have to pay for anything.. These people never left the pubescent mindset. They look grownup, but they are just whiny moochers

there are the "good old days" gang who wax nostalgic about the 50's without realizing that 50's people paid hard core taxes so those good things could be available to many white men.
They ..also cleverly "forget" that millions of people never were able to cash in because of gender or skin color.

The main things that unite these groups are:

faux religiosity
mean-spirited greed

Not much "Grand" left in the grand old party

Old remains because many (most?) of them are getting up there in age

and it IS a pity party, to be sure. They claim that everyone is out to get them. but maybe Paranoia has replaced the party

These parties just need names, and should be forced to identify their goals...and should run candidates of their own, instead of trying to stitch that raggedy quilt back together every 2 years

Christian party
No taxes party
No blacks party
No foreigners party
Sacred fetus party
No girls allowed party

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