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SoCalDem's Journal
SoCalDem's Journal
April 21, 2019

With a nod to Easter..perhaps the US IS a "Christian nation"

BBC - The Passion - Articles - Judas
Judas was one of the 12 disciples closest to Jesus. Judas offered to betray Jesus(USA) to the religious (RUSSIAN) authorities. They agreed to pay him 30 pieces of silver for doing so. Jesus(USA) knew that Judas was going to do this, but took no action to stop him.


Trump is kind of like Judas..willing to sell us out for "30 pieces of silver"...

I like the Pappias explanation

April 18, 2019

Not a happy camper

Talk to the stubby-fingered hand

April 14, 2019

Who remembers Rick Sanchez?

Apparently, he works for RT now...

a trip down memory lane...you have to watch a few seconds of a sports thing, but it's worth it..

April 6, 2019

American Children Are Developing British Accents


American Children Are Developing British Accents Watching Too Much ‘Peppa Pig’
By Timothy Roberts

Just in case you have been completely out of the loop in recent years, it’s a good idea for you to get familiar with Peppa Pig. Preschoolers absolutely love this little pig, which is a British cartoon directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies and Entertainment One. It first aired in 2004 in the UK.

Although it got its start in the UK, it is now popular worldwide. It follows Peppa, who is a pig on their adventures along with their family and friends. Along with the popular television show, there are plenty of opportunities for parents to spend money by picking up all of the Peppa Pig merchandise.

It is now being referred to as the Peppa Effect and it seems to be relatively common. The voice that young children are mimicking is of Harley Bird, a 16-year-old voice actor in the UK. She started voicing the beloved pig when she was only five years old and considering the popularity of the show, it’s no surprise that she makes up to $1300 per hour. Harley is pocketing some $15,000 per week according to some sources.

“Harley is the most successful teenage voiceover artist in Britain right now. She is hot property and easily earns £1,000 an hour.”


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