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El Paso,Please shun the asshole

The ONE thing this narcissist would hate the most would be to see empty streets and only his white-nationalist minions at his event. The day of his visit would be a great time for locals to have a family picnic or stay inside in the A/C & binge-watch anything on tv.

There is NO protest that would impact him. It would only make him feel sorry for himself and turn the protest to his advantage.

This visit is a naked power play on his part

It's like the uncle who molested you showing up uninvited to Thanksgiving Dinner

Finally watched "The Favourite...meh

Did I miss something? I was expecting more

What would congress do?

There are about 30K gun deaths every year..that works out to about 4 planeloads of people every week.

What if there were 4 plane crashes every week?

Would congress make new laws for Boeing/Airbus/whomever?

Would people be up in their faces about safety?

Do we ever hear this after a crash? "Now is not the time to..yadayadayada"

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