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October 2, 2020, 9:15 pm.

October 2, 2020, 9:15 pm.

This was the moment I learned that my youngest son, Steven , had died.

I still don't have all the details yet, but my oldest son, Scott called me to tell me the horrible news.

What we know currently, is that his wife texted him yesterday afternoon and he didn't respond..
She called and he did not answer. She got home from work a little after 8pm and found him on the Iiving room floor.

An Amazon package was delivered after 5pm and was inside the house, so whatever took his life must have happened during that 3 hour time frame.

He was ALWAYS on his phone,(or near it) so whatever it was, was fast and overwhelming, leaving him no opportunity to use his phone.

My heart is broken, but at least I had 3 glorious weeks with him and his brothers recently, when they worked on my house.
I called him last night and we talked for half an hour .
He was always my political-talk buddy.

He was a sports fanatic, and traveled to every world cup (Germany, Rio de Janeiro, Russia) he could.

He was a good friend to all who knew him(and he knew everyone), a great brother to Michael and Scott , a loving husband to Maria and was our little "Beebs"...my last baby.

He would have turned 42 on Dec 15th. He was one of a kind.
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