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Butt-hurt, Delusional Followers of Untruth

At first they said, "Let's wait until all the votes are counted." The votes were counted and their Leader was behind.

They claimed there was all sorts of fraud. There were hidden boxes of ballots and midnight drops and all kinds of cheating going on, they said. But they never, ever, showed any proof.

Then they said, "Let's wait until the state legislatures count the votes." The states counted the votes and their Leader was still behind.

They took it to the Courts. They presented their cases before more than 60 Judges and they were told by each Judge that they had no case. They enlisted a slew of Republican Attorney-Generals to take it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, the last word on the law, refused to hear their case.

Then, they said, "Let's wait until the electoral votes are certified on January 6th." They organized a huge march for that day, with special speakers, with the intent to march on the Capitol to stop the electoral votes from being certified. We know the rest of the story.

But, sooner or later, their butts have got to heal. We can no longer endure their silly lies.

You Are My Flower

Anyone watch the Oath Keepers segment on "60 Minutes"?

It was interesting to hear the Arizona Chapter criticize Stewart Rhodes and his Chapter for such a dumb act. The Oath Keepers were going after each other. Some thought is was "unpatriotic" to invade the Capitol. One said that ten Oath Keepers led the assault. It looked like a lot more than ten aggressors marching into the Capitol.

Also, it was interesting that they never mentioned Trump in the story, as far as I heard?

It appeared to be a story pinning all the blame on the Oath Keepers and attempting to make them look like "scapegoats", at the same time?

What did anyone else glean from that story?

What would happen if any of the leaders of the insurrection were actually charged with incitement?

Including all the speakers that spoke with their inflammatory messages on that day, including Rep. Mo Brooks, Rudy Giuliani, Don Jr, and Trump himself?

What would be the reaction?

Would the threat of violence and more division over-ride all concerns about justice and equal treatment under the law? Would the reactions be more important than any notions of justice or responsibility for very serious crimes?

Should this be a concern to the DOJ? The last thing they would want is more division and more violence in the streets.

What would happen if they indicted any of the above mentioned leaders of the insurrection?

Gentle on My Mind

Where is Rudy??

Has he been seen since he warmed up the audience for Trump's incitement speech on January 6th? He was fired up and was calling for "trial by combat".

Isn't it about time to haul his ugly ass up before a jury and have him explain his role in the attack upon our Capitol? Where has he been hiding?

He is usually the #1 advisor for Donald Trump. Has he been seen at Mar-a-Lago?

It is time for him to answer some questions?

Farther Along

How many Republicans in the House and Senate could the Democrats work with?

Not on every issue but on some issues.

I think the Democrats should keep the door open for these folks. They should have another option other than the "Trump Party" option.

It would be good for the country if they could communicate and negotiate with the sane people still in the Republican Party. They do not have to agree with them but it would cost nothing to listen to their side. (There really is no use to try and communicate with the Trump people)

It would be very helpful if they could pass legislation with two or three Republicans supporting it also.

Is that too much to expect?

Faded Love

Wildwood Flower

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