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As many have said before, the DOJ does not have to wait on the Committee....

... if they want to investigate or if they want to indict someone. Even Adam Schiff and others on the Committee have said that the DOJ should not wait on the Committee. They could indict Mark Meadows tomorrow if they wanted.

So why would the DOJ be asking for the transcripts from the interviews by the Committee? That is a good question. I wonder if it is at the orders of Merrick Garland or someone else?

Since the Committee is refusing to hand over the transcripts at this time, it is fueling a lot of speculation.

Jamie Raskin, a member of the Committee, has said that the hearings will "blow the roof off the House". It does seem that the DOJ is becoming more interested in the Committee's investigation, the closer they get to their hearings?

It appears that there are things going on that we don't know.

To Whom It May Concern: We formally request your presence at...

...the next gathering of the House Select Committee. We would like to give you the opportunity to give your side of the story before it is exposed to the public at large.

Since the two of you are the last names on our list, we only thought it appropriate to request your side of what happened on January 6th, 2021?

Also, you should know that we have reams of testimony and information that has been taken under oath. We are willing to give you the chance to clear up some of these charges.

If you decline to talk with this Committee, we can only infer that you have something to hide or that the testimony taken under oath is all true.


The Committee to Protect Our Constitution and Country From Lies and Dictators

Paint It, Black

Don't Put No Headstone On My Grave

A License To Hate

Because they believe they are now the majority. They have the power. You are the enemy if you do not believe the way they believe. They do not want a discussion or a dialogue. They want revenge.

Violence is not only accepted, it is encouraged. They are told that their guns are sacred, protected by the Constitution. In their eyes, even the Constitution supports their hatred. So it is OK to kill that with which we disagree?

Some people are that weak-minded. Their darker angels shadow their thoughts. The true evil lies with those that encourage such thoughts.

Let us pledge to non-violence.

Train Whistle Blues

Can the country survive if there is no justice for those that planned the overthrow of the election?

Some will say there have been many times where there was no justice and we survived. One example they give is the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan after the attack of 9/11 and the awful torture tactics that were used against those people?

And it is true, no one was held responsible for that. Democrats were not willing to prosecute those responsible. They preferred to look forward.

But, however reprehensible those actions were, they did not threaten or challenge the very existence of our democracy. That is a big distinction.

The insurrection of January 6th and the conspiracy to over-throw a legitimate election and install an autocrat, thru violent means, if necessary, was different from anything our country has experienced in the past.

If those that planned and conspired to overthrow a duly-elected government are not held accountable, will the justice system ever be able to regain any credibility?

Is it something we cannot afford to look past? There can be no "looking forward" this time?

The winning issue for Democrats?

It is the issue that connects with more Americans than anything else.

These are probably the most divisive times of our lifetimes? People are angry, divided, and confused.

Abortion is not the winning issue that many people might think. The Supreme Court, with their draft opinion, did not help the Democrats. That is not their goal.

The January 6th insurrection has deeply divided the political Parties along existential lines. If we don't have our democracy, how important are any of the other issues?

Then, there is the issue of inflation. It affects almost everyone in a very negative way. It is not an issue with which Democrats can win. But, they may be able to alleviate much of the damage from the soaring prices?

First of all, they must admit, as Joe Biden has done, that it is a serious problem and is the top domestic issue. However, it must be pointed out to voters that this is something where we must work together. It is not enough to stand back and criticize and offer no solutions to the problems.

So, if people are "angry, divided, and confused", what is the best way to connect with them?
That is your "issue".

In my opinion, the best way to approach it is with a rational, commonsense, working-together position. We must defuse the angry and divided masses. We must unite and come together as Americans and stop the attacks upon one another. We are all Americans first. We should encourage the voters to work with Democrats to find a better way. We cannot gamble with the siren call of autocrats.

We have a couple of candidates that are using this formula in Ohio and PA, Josh Shapiro and Tim Ryan, and it will work to their advantage and it could work nationwide, if we would apply it in the most non-partisan way possible.

Just my opinion.

This Ol' House

IF you were a Congressman involved with the conspiracy to overthrow the election...?

..and were complicit with the attack upon our Capitol on January 6th, how would you react to a subpoena?
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