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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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A message to all of America: The Republicans have betrayed our country.

They have sold us down the river.

Do not say you were never warned.

When the time came for them to stand up, they sat on their hands. They looked the other way.

As our laws and institutions were destroyed one by one, they chose to cling to power rather than to show any character or patriotism. As much as we like to think otherwise, all those that fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, were fighting for nothing.

They can pretend the reality is something else but it is what it is. It is the Republicans that refuse to fight for our Constitution and the ideals that America has stood for, and has attempted to make the world a better place. However much criticism is warranted, there is also a lot of credit due to the Americans before us.

How many crimes or misdeeds can be ignored if there is a "good economy"?

We here it often from the M$M that such and such candidate will be difficult to beat with the good economy. So long as I got a job and can pay my bills, to hell with everything else? Is that what we are supposed to believe?

Perhaps it is true? Nobody really cares about freedom of speech or whether or not they will get to vote in the next election. None of that really matters?

So long as we have a good economy, even if it is not so good for ourselves, but good for everyone else, then who cares about ideas like democracy and freedom?

"My 'bone spurs' are acting up this morning..."

Nobody understands how painful they can be.

Especially those military heroes, with their Purple Hearts and Bronze Stars for Valor. They need to appreciate what their Commander in Chief is going thru.

Being President is not easy. I don't get enough respect for the great job I am doing.

But, enough about Me!

What do YOU think about me?

More important to get rid of the complicit Republican Senate or Donald J Trump?

And if he is an existential threat to our country, does it matter who runs against him, if he/she can defeat Trump?

If that is the case, they could disinter the body of Richard Nixon and run him against Trump. How could anyone, dead or alive, be worse?

If Mr Bloomberg could guarantee that he could beat Trump, would you support him?

If I had a choice between ridding ourselves of the Republican Senate majority and getting rid of Trump, I think I would choose to have a Democratic Senate.

The Total De-legitimation of the Mueller Report

Everything that we learned during that investigation must be wiped off the slate. Forget everything Michael Cohen testified about. Forget about all the details surrounding the Stormy Daniels affair.

Forget about Donald Trump standing in front of America and assuring everyone that he had "no business" deals whatsoever to do with Russia. Nevermind that it was sworn under oath that he was attempting to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, during the timeframe of his entire campaign. It may have continued after that - we just don't know.

There were over 120 meetings between his campaign and the Russians. What were they discussing?

There was sworn testimony that he tried to fire Mr Mueller more than once. On one occasion, he wanted Mr Don McGahn to create a false record about it. McGahn threatened to resign. There were several instances where Mr Trump attempted to obstruct justice by withholding information and witnesses from the Mueller investigation.

Then we are supposed to accept the word of William Barr that there was nothing to the Mueller Report? Mr Barr very adeptly worked to cover up the entire investigation. And now, Mr Trump wants to revise everything about that report by telling the American people that it was all a hoax. The hoax was the deception they pulled on the American people.

Too bad the Congress cannot come forward and declare Mr Barr an unreliable witness and that they are going to re-open the investigation of Mueller Report. It was a cover-up that can not be tolerated any further. The Congress should begin subpoenaing witnesses immediately. The brazen lawlessness has become unbearable.

Some thoughts on the NH primary...

Bernie Sanders won the primary in 2016 with 60% of the vote. Hillary Clinton got 38%.
His support shrunk to about 26% last night. In my opinion, that does not bode well for Bernie. Whether it be his age, his health, or some other reason, that is a huge drop in support.

Pete Buttigieg continued to surprise. People are starting to ask, how deep is his support? If he does well in SC and NV, he will have to be taken very seriously.

Amy Klobuchar is the other surprise. She is on a roll. She could end up first or second on the ticket in November?

Elizabeth is sharing her progressive voters with Bernie, some people think, and Bernie has a broad ground support. It is going to be tough for her so long as Bernie is in the race, and it appears he is in for the long haul?

Also, you could not help but notice that Donald Trump defeated William Weld by 119,000 votes to 10,000 votes. Was that his base that came out to support him? In my opinion, it is noteworthy that Bernie and Mayor Pete had a larger vote total together than did the wannabe king. Democrats in total had over 250,000 votes, more than double the votes of Donald Trump. Perhaps it means little to nothing, but with his big rally the night before election, one might have thought the Repubs were ready to come out in droves to support their dear Leader? The 10,000 votes that William Weld received were obviously not Trump supporters. What should we make of those numbers?

Subpoena Barr....If he refuses to show up...

Impeach his sorry ass.

Why did Lindsey Graham "rat out" AG Barr??

It's a puzzle to me why Lindsey broke that information on a Sunday news show? I do not believe it was an accident or a slip of the tongue.

Was he trying to help Rudy in some way with his legal problems? After all, if Rudy was communicating with AG Barr, that might help him some way in a court of law?

AG Barr came forth and admitted that he was "processing" information from Rudy but that none of the info out of the Ukraine could be accepted as credible.

Why didn't he come forth when the Senate trial was going on? He hid that information from the US Senate. But, why?

It does seem the breaking of the information was intentional. We should assume that Donald Trump knew about it if it involved Lindsey, Barr, or Rudy.

Why would Barr accept the blame that was sure to come from such a story?

Why would Trump let him accept the heat?

Will "1917" win Best Picture tonight?

Some good movies this year. Has anyone seen "Parasite"?

Trump's tweets are a deadly propaganda weapon against the Democrats.

And they have done nothing about it for 3 years.

Most of the time, they aren't even disputed.

Is there nothing they can do?

He destroys the Democrats with his tweet attacks.
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