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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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In my opinion, Lindsey and others are putting out rumors of investigations because...

...they do not want the House to do any more investigations. It's a bluff.

Of course, I could be wrong and they could start putting people in jail tomorrow?

But, I think they are scared to death of what might come out with further investigations.

What would be the best way to sow division in the Trump camp?

They could announce that they are going after the Romney voters that voted for him in 2012? It would be about patriotism. They cannot appreciate the way Trump has treated the man they voted for in 2012.

They could announce that they may open an investigation against Ivanka and Jared. Also, they are considering opening the obstruction charges in the Mueller Report.

Primarily, it would be psychological warfare.

They could appoint a team to respond to his Twitter posts every day. It would be something to look forward to if it came out every day at the same time.

I'm sure there are many ways to get into his mind?

In the Pines

Trump's "total acquittal" was a "total whitewash".

No witnesses. No documents. Cannot call it a fair trial.

We cannot forget that.

Trump's "acquittal" tour reminds me of OJ's hunt for the murderer of his wife.

He will not be happy until he finds out who made him attempt to bribe a foreign leader.

When the Democrats win in November...

I want them to open up investigations on everyone that has conspired with this President to obstruct justice and break our laws. I do not want to hear that it's time to turn the page and put this behind us. I want them to get to the bottom of it. I do not want to see people like Bill Barr skate. They have caused too much harm to look the other way.

It is not revenge. It is justice.

Nancy (on CNN) announced that oversight would continue in the House.

Trump may think he can do anything he wants without any scrutiny?

Nancy is saying, that ain't gonna happen.

The Congress will protect our laws and our Constitution.

(I only caught the tail end of her comments)

Will "Never-Trumpers" vote Democratic next time around?

We have seen several in the media that are vehemently opposed to Donald Trump. Steve Schmidt, David Jolly, Nicolle Wallace, Bill Kristol, and others. We have to assume there are many others.

Kristol said that he would be a Democrat for a day in November.

How big of a group is this? Are they big enough to help the Democratic Party?

How many moderate Republicans are there that simply cannot stand Donald Trump? The most recent polls show about 97% of Repubs support Trump but does that include the "Never Trumpers"?

Are they the Democratic equivalent of Trump's "bikers"?

Should Democrats go after Republican voters that are no longer in the Trump cult? That may include a few Evangelicals? How could such blasphemy, as that they experienced yesterday, not be noticed?

Perhaps it would be an effective message to some Republicans that we are in this fight together and it makes no difference what Party you are in? The threat is too real to not fight it together.

Heart of Stone

It's not about Democrat vs Republican - It is about Right vs Wrong.

Is it as simple as that?

For example, it is wrong to walk into a church and toss a stink bomb.

It is wrong to mock a handicapped person.

It is wrong to lie, slander, and spread rumors.

It is wrong to divide people with hate.

It is not a complicated matter.
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