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I wish some reporter would ask Trump this question:

"Mr President, what do you think of the Senate's refusal to allow witnesses or documents in the impeachment trial?"

It would be interesting to watch him try to change the subject.

Should Democrats defend Mitt Romney?

Does anyone believe that the 61 million voters who supported Mitt Romney have all now turned against him? Because he believes Donald Trump is guilty?

Mitt Romney is a religious man. We should not question a man's faith, in my opinion. We do not know what is in his or her heart.

Also, he is a Republican. We should not support Mitt Romney just because he had the courage to stand up to the threatening tactics of Donald Trump, but because it is the decent and right thing to do.

We should not participate and indulge in the divisive, unstable, and de-humanizing celebrations and call it "politics". It is a sad step backward and downward.

We have no choice. We must battle the division that is attempting to turn the country into turmoil, to the detriment of us all.

The most interesting thing that happened at the prayer breakfast this morning?

It would have been nice to catch the different expressions in the audience as Donald Trump criticized Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney.

What were their reactions?

Did they laugh along with the joke?

Or did any of the good Christian people show empathy and support for Nancy Pelosi?

Did any of them see the cruelty and vengefulness in Mr Trump?

Or did they see someone that had been treated very badly by Mr Comey and the FBI ?

Did they see someone that divided people in a way that was not healthy for our society?

How would they describe the environment in the room when Mr Trump attacked Mitt Romney and the Speaker of the House?

What did Dr. Bandy Lee mean by this Tweet?

"Donald Trump displayed a “state of mind that had no contact with reality,” according to the House Speaker. Loss of touch with reality is a severe mental health condition that risks becoming an epidemic to those who are (mentally) exposed."


Is it contagious? This is scary.

Trump could get caught red-handed robbing a bank and he would lie about it.

"I just went in to get a loan...I had no idea Barr and Mulvaney had masks and guns."

"Anyway, the Clintons have robbed our country for decades..."

"It's all a Democrat Party hoax", he would say.

"I don't need the money...why would I want to rob a bank?"

"It's all a witch hunt by the fake news".

"No president has had to go thru what I have gone thru..."

Surely they know, Donald Trump does not give them a lot of credibility?

He is a hypocrite, a fake believer, a liar, a deceiver, a hateful and vengeful person, everything that the Bible speaks against, he is.

How do they justify their alliance with such a person? Is it because of politics? Or is it that they want to walk amongst the prostitutes, like Jesus did? How do they rationalize it?

At the very least, they should stop pretending that he is a model Christian. They should be honest about their relationship. It is mostly their admiration for Caesar and the politics for which he stands.

Or perhaps they think they can "save" him?

He will destroy them.

Mitch McConnell has done immeasurable damage to our institutions and our Constitution.

If nothing else, McConnell is a Machiavellian. He will do anything to get and maintain power. Even if it means the destruction of our country.

The only thing he respects and understands is raw power. Laws and rules are nothing but speed-bumps for Mitch McConnell.

As he criticized the House for rushing thru the impeachment, he broke the speed record for acquittal in an impeachment trial. He was not looking for justice or truth. He was looking to maintain the status quo.

He has no understanding of our Constitution or the ideals within its words. It is only good if he can use it to further his political power grab.

He is just as dangerous, or moreso, than Donald J Trump or his Atty-General, Bill Barr. He has no interest in helping the people for the common good, only for his special interests.

He has done great damage to our nation. It is a sad tragedy that the people have not been able to see the real Mitch McConnell.

Trumpsters are livid at Nancy Pelosi for tearing up the speech at the SOTU.

How could she! They are astounded by the hate and division from the Democrats.

With not one ounce of self-awareness of 30 years of hate being awarded a Medal of Freedom in the middle of the State of the Union speech. They may as well have brought in a dumptruck full of horseshit and dumped it in the middle of the House of Representatives.

Why would anyone have a problem with that? Why would anyone have a problem with the name-calling and the lies spewing out like green pea soup? Nothing they would ever disagree with.

And they are pissed off that Nancy Pelosi tore the speech in half?

As usual, FOX News is promoting it.

The hypocrites at the prayer breakfast.

He was angry and vindictive. Nancy Pelosi sat down the table from him, on the other side of the podium. He said he did not like people who said they were praying for him but were insincere about it.

He had several newspapers with broad headlines proclaiming his acquittal. It appears there is nothing to restrain his desire for revenge.

The hypocrites sat in silence as he told them he would have more to say at his noon press conference.

We can't wait.

MF45 has been granted a reprieve.

Susan Collins is very "concerned" and "hopes" he does not continue his criminal ways. It would make her look bad.

It will be a test for MF45. He knows no other life except the criminal one. How can he not be himself. It is his nature.

Just as he said in the past, paraphrasing, you knew he was a snake when you voted for him.

The trial is over and nothing stands between him and the next election, as far as he can see.
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