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How long until Repubs march to the White House to ask for Trump resignation?

I think it will happen sometime before the 4th of July.

Simply because Trump will not change his scofflaw ways. More evidence will come out. More witnesses will come forth. And finally, the Courts will make a decision about the Don McGahn case. It will become too heavy for them to carry. They will march to the White House to ask for a resignation, just like they did with Richard Nixon.

They will not wish to go thru another impeachment trial.

They will have no choice.

There is only one Republican in the US Senate.

The rest of them belong to the Trump Party.

Just when you thought the Republican Party might be dead, Mitt Romney brings it back to life.

For one fleeting moment, we thought we would never see the Republican Party breathe again.

They don't know it yet, but he has saved them from themselves.

No one has done more to divide this nation in the last thirty years..

...than Rush Limbaugh.

He is the icon of right-wing talk radio.

He has propagated hate and division since the days of George H.W. Bush.

He mocked and made fun of everyone, from dumpster divers to women libbers to black leaders and anyone that was vulnerable in our society. He did not hesitate to promote racism.

Then Donald Trump, at last night's SOTU, on the floor of Congress, gave Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom.

I have seen it all...

Can a President be impeached for "gross misconduct"?

Yes, if the Congress can get 218 votes.

It's difficult to imagine 218 votes unless a President has done something very divisive or illegal.

The fact is that a President can be impeached for whatever reason the Congress determines. There does not have to be a criminal act.

By all standards, the impeachment of Donald J Trump was legitimate. He should be convicted, although we know that is not in the cards.

It rings hollow for Repubs to claim it was a "partisan" impeachment. After all, it takes two to tango. With the evidence that was presented in the trial, it was the cultish partisanship of Republicans that was too "partisan" to even look at the facts or to hear from witnesses.

If I take a poll for a Democratic candidate and poll 527 Democrats and 443 Republicans?

What percentage would you expect the Democrat to receive? Almost 20% more Democrats polled than Republicans.

Would you expect the Democrat to get at least 50% in the polls?

Those were the numbers polled in the recent Gallup poll for Donald Trump, except it was 527 Repubs polled and 443 Democrats. Even with almost a 20% advantage in Republican voters, he still could not reach 50%.

What would have been the numbers if it was a more balanced poll?

Maybe he will be real "presidential"?

I don't want to bet on it.

But some seem to think he has that potential. They believe he has learned from his mistakes. He won't be so quick to crap on our Constitution again.

He may read the teleprompter as if he went thru the fifth grade? He may do better than he has ever done? He may even comprehend what he is reading?

He could be very presidential.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

How easy it is for some Republicans to turn the other way at the cruel, divisive, unpatriotic,...

...dangerous, and treasonous words and actions of this president. Not even a second thought.

It is amazing. There is no bottom to their indifference.

It appears that the Republicans have all decided to hang together, rather than separately?

Susan and Lisa have already shown their cards. Still waiting on Mitt Romney. The odds are that he will fold under the pressure. He will join Susan and Lisa.

It is Donald Trump that has put them in the position of having to defend his indefensible actions. They must know that?

They said they did not want to know anymore. They had seen enough. They did not want to hear any more witnesses. They were afraid to hear any more witnesses. They had to protect themselves. They were complicit.

No witnesses. No documents. No cooperation at all from the White House. It was all OK with them.

It is a cover-up of the highest order.

Republicans are making the argument on the Senate floor that it was all about "corruption"...

And the President had every right to ask a foreign country to fight "corruption". That is why he asked him to investigate the Bidens. Every single one of them seems to be resorting to that argument?

But it is a lie.

He did not care about "corruption", unless it was his own. He had every opportunity to investigate the Bidens. He could have gotten his personal Atty General to investigate, along with the FBI. But, he chose to let Rudy Giuliani do the "investigating".

Also, he never mentioned "corruption" in any of his phone calls or any of his speeches or any other place that is documented? It is a lie for Republican Senators to now fall back on the excuse that he was investigating the Bidens for corruption and nothing else.

Democrats do not want to impeach again, but....

...they should not let Donald Trump know that. They should keep that over his head and try to keep the country safe and secure, as possible, until election day.

He should not be allowed to think that he has a free ticket to do whatever he wants. Although, in reality, he probably does.

The message that should be sent to Trump and the Republicans is that "we are watching" and "we will impeach again" if he craps on the Constitution again.

It is now about public perception. Democrats should be perceived as protectors of our Constitution.
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