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Democrats should keep their eye on the big picture in regards to the impeachment.

Republicans will continue, over and over, to try and portray it as partisan and illegitimate.

Democrats need to repeat, over and over, that there was no legitimate trial. There were no witnesses or documents permitted. The Republicans covered it up. What are they hiding?

Democrats need to beware the distractions that are coming their way.

Is there a chance the Senate might censure Trump?

I don't think Trump will let Republicans vote for censure?

Joe Manchin suggested censure as sort of a compromise to show Trump that he was not above the law and it would be a way to hold him accountable. But he doesn't seem to be getting much support for his idea?

In the end, a censure vote would make the impeachment by the House look "legitimate" and the Repubs will not let that happen.

Just count the paper ballots...

Make a record of it.

Call in the results.

Put them in the computer.

How difficult can that be?

Stop the horsetrading. It makes it impossible to get an accurate count. If only 3 or 4 people show up for a candidate, give him credit for those, even if it doesn't equal the 15% or whatever is required. When it is all totaled up, there would be a more accurate record.

But when one group can persuade a smaller group to vote with them, that doesn't create an accurate picture, in my opinion.

Why is McConnell rushing this acquittal vote in the Senate?

It is obvious that they need more time for debate.

After they accused the Democrats of rushing the impeachment thru the House, McConnell puts it in passing gear and speeds up the process.

They should vote to postpone until they can get witnesses or documents. It is too important of a decision to rush into the way that McConnell and Trump want them to do.

Somebody needs to pull on his rein.

Democrats have boycotted the SOTU speech in the past.

They should do it again.

They should give it no legitimacy.

Actually, more than a dozen Democrats boycotted his first SOTU speech. So, it is not a new thing.

But, they have even more of a reason to boycott this year's SOTU.

He has nothing to say to Democrats, or to any part of America, that does not support his criminal regime.

I would like to see every Democrat skip it.

Even the most low-information voter will know there were no witnesses...

...and that there was no fair trial in the Senate.

Republicans are not going to be successful in spinning that any other way.

Democrats will not need any long explanations. They will only need to remind voters that there were no witnesses permitted and it was not a fair trial. That will be a paramount issue in the next election. Republicans will not be able to change that.

If there are other revelations, and most people would bet on it, it will be a heavy load for Repubs to carry.

That is the political reality.

What would be the reactions if Trump was removed?

Would there be violent reactions from his supporters?

Is that the "real" argument from Repubs? They are fearful of what might happen if Trump is removed from office?

Should the Natonal Guard units be placed on alert?

Should our laws be ignored for fear of what might happen if the laws are enforced?

What would Repubs consider cause for removal?

This "inappropriate" behavior did not begin in Ukraine.

Ukraine was simply the red line.

There are many "inappropriate" offenses. From grabbing body parts of women, to mocking a handicapped individual, to giving Top Secret information to Russian officials in the Oval office, to betraying our country on the world stage in Helsinki, we could go on an on.

But they all cannot fit into impeachment charges.

It is astounding that Republicans are able to compartmentalize all these "inappropriate" actions and put them in an invisible box. Never to be seen or addressed.

"Abuse of Power" is everything. When a leader uses his power to benefit himself, it is more than an "inappropriate" behavior. When he uses that power to bribe another country or leader, it has crossed into criminality and certainly worth impeachment.

That fact should be undeniable.

But it is a serious problem when the US Senate votes to stop an impeachment trial, before witnesses can be heard or documents can be seen. There is simply no way to sweep that under the rug. Lamar Alexander cannot be the scapegoat for his entire Party.

They have a right to vote to acquit and face the political consequences. But they don't have the right to withhold witnesses and documents from the American people.

Someone should take this to Court and prevent it from being voted on Wednesday night. If that is possible?

Sit Down, Young Stranger

If they really wanted to play dirty with the Republicans...

They could make Trump wait for about an hour.

Democrats should all show up an hour late. Come in with some fried chicken and pizza and grab their seats.

Because Trump will not give a speech until he sees that everyone is in their seats.

If they wanted to play dirty...
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