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The winning candidate will be the one that...

...that can best bring the nation together. The country is tired of the division.

I truly believe this.

But the problem is that no one seems capable of talking to the whole nation?

An eye for an eye and soon the whole nation is walking around blind.

It is a much greater challenge when one person makes it part of his strategy to divide.

It is divide and conquer.

Is there anyone that can unite the country?

Should Democrats boycott cable news networks?

So long as they continue to promote the divisive agenda of Donald Trump. That helps no one except Donald Trump and the Repubs. When they ask questions like: "Why do you think Mitch McConnell did not permit witnesses in the impeachment trial?"

They need to say: "You need to ask Mitch McConnell about that".

When they ask: "Why do you think Lisa Murkowski voted not to have witnesses?"

They need to say: "I don't know. Why don't you ask her?"

They should stop being a party to this division created by Trump and promoted by the "news media".

Perhaps they should ignore Trump and talk about the important issues? Would that be a more effective strategy?

How big of a tent is the Democratic Party?

Who are they willing to excuse? Who is not eligible to join the Party?

What about former Republicans who left their Party because they could not accept Donald Trump?

Is the tent not that big?

Are Democrats over-looking an opportunity?

Should Democrats quietly re-open the Mueller investigation?

Obviously, it was closed prematurely. We have learned a bit about Mr Barr since his decision to close it down.

Should they continue to pursue it in Court? If the emergency had not risen in Ukraine, they probably would have been pursuing people like Don McGahn. He has important information that he has kept from the people. Information that he gave under oath, to Mr Mueller, was very incriminating.

Why not pursue it in the Courts?

One of the first "modern" rock and roll songs ...

The Search For The Truth - Why are Republicans so afraid of it ?

What could John Bolton have said that could have been so frightful?

It is obvious they are hiding something? Are they complicit in this scandal? Whatever it is, they do not want the people to know.

That is why the Democrats should continue this investigation.

From what we have seen so far, there are criminal elements involved from all around the world. It is corruption at its peak. We can see that.

The question is: What should be done about it? This is about America. It is obvious that the Democrats cannot win this battle alone. They must have the American people behind them or we will all lose.

The search for the truth should continue.

How many Democrats actually thought they would get 67 votes to convict??

Very few, in my opinion.

Republicans used to be the law and order Party, but they seem to be willing to overlook law and order if the crime is committed against Democrats?

Democrats had no choice but to impeach Donald Trump. It was not enough when he took funds appropriated for the Defense Dept and spent them on a wall. But when he brazenly solicited help from a foreign government against the Democrats, they had to hold him accountable.

By the way, the excerpt from Bolton's book said he was looking for help from Ukraine on the "Democrats". It didn't say just Joe Biden. It seemed to be much more inclusive.

Still, few expected the numbers to convict in the Senate. Although they did expect the Senate to request to hear from witnesses and to ask for documents, but that did not happen. Republicans will have to explain that right thru the next election, in my opinion. There are many questions still out there.

There are those that say it gave Donald Trump the free rein to do whatever he wants. He may believe that?

But, he should know that if the Democrats in the House see obvious law-breaking, they will not stand by and do nothing. They will hold him accountable, regardless of what the Senate might do. It would be nice to have some Republicans join the Democrats, but it is not a necessity for impeachment.

He has been put on notice. It is not that you have been acquitted and you can do anything that you want. Rather, it is, don't let it happen again. People are watching.

Democrats will continue to do their job.

How serious were the charges against Donald Trump?

Was it just "inappropriate", as Lamar Alexander said?

Or was it much more serious?

Was it really "urgent", as the Intelligence Community Inspector General said?

Were AG Barr and Justice Dept correct in trying to bury it at that time?

Or was it a threat to our national security?

How serious is it to ask another country to assist in your re-election campaign, by creating false rumors and slander on your political opponents, and by propagating it thru the cable news media?

And then withholding military aid until the favor was done?

Is that just "inappropriate"?

Why were they so afraid of John Bolton?

Why are they trying to stop the publication of his book? What kind of "Top Secret" stuff did he put in it?

Do they believe that Trump will change his behavior?

Why would they think Bolton such a threat?

What could he say to change any minds?

So, why did they refuse to let him testify?

The Democrats Dilemma (or is it?)

Democrats need a strategy going forward. It requires accepting some hard realities.

A reckless and lawless president needed to be held accountable. The Democrats did their job. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the Senate did not. That is the first reality.

Secondly, it is obvious that they have no plans to hold the president accountable for anything. There is little need to offer facts or to proselytize. Their feet are set in concrete.

Thirdly, we have to do what is best for the country. Also, we must be true to ourselves. We must protect our Constitution. No one can be above the law. We will protect our country.

Perhaps a few Democrats, the ones frequently on TV, should attempt a temporary boycott (on certain subjects) on the cable news networks? Any questions asked about Donald Trump, the impeachment, or anything related, should be addressed to the Republican Party. Let them explain it. Just a thought.

The free press can be a very valuable weapon.

There are people in a certain Party that need to explain why they would deny witnesses in a trial? What were they trying to hide? It's not about political Party. It is about the rule of law.

Nancy Pelosi is right. It is a "cover-up". But what are they covering up??

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