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It's a gamble, but....

The Gang of Eight (minus Nunes) needs to meet in an emergency session.

Granted, we do not know how many of them are complicit. If not complicit, we can assume they have closed their minds, pretending that it is all about partisan politics. They cannot accept the reality in front of them. The President of the United States is a Russian agent.

There is no other explanation. The country is under attack from within.

The government cannot continue to operate under these conditions. It is code red.

If the Leaders of the House and Senate are unable to grasp the seriousness of the present situation, there is no escape from the dictatorship that is knocking at our door.

It is not a fairy tale. It is not a made up story. It is real.

They need to do something. They cannot gamble any longer with the country's security.

The leader is not stable. He has sold his soul to the devil.

Why did Trump fire top Defense official who approved aid to Ukraine?

WASHINGTON (AP) ó President Donald Trump has ousted the Pentagonís top policy official who had certified last year that Ukraine had made enough anti-corruption progress to justify the Trump administrationís release of congressionally authorized aid to Kyiv in its conflict against Russian-backed separatists.

John Rood resigned Wednesday, saying he was leaving at Trumpís request.

The Trump administrationís delay in releasing the aid to Ukraine was central to the presidentís impeachment by the House on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate voted to acquit the president. But in the wake of the Senate trial, an emboldened Trump has gone after officials he has perceived as being disloyal.

Rood is the latest official to be purged. His forced resignation comes as Democrats on the Hill express concerns that Trump is on a vendetta in the wake of his acquittal. Just days after the Senate vote, the White House reassigned an Army officer, Lt. Col. Alex Vindman, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, from the National Security Council, and pushed his twin brother, an NSC lawyer, out with him. Gordon Sondland, Trumpís ambassador to the European Union who also was a key witness before House investigators, was recalled from his post.



It is my opinion that he was fired because Trump never wanted aid to go to Ukraine. Because Russia never wanted aid to go to Ukraine. Putin did not like it. It pissed Trump off and he fired him.

Why did Trump get rid of Acting DNI Joseph Maguire?

Is this still part of his vengeance tour, after his acquittal?

Maguire was the acting Director of National Intelligence when the IC Inspector General informed him of the whistleblower report about Ukraine.

Did Trump hold him accountable for the information getting to the House Intelligence Committee?

Was he not loyal enough?

In my opinion, last night's debate was good for the Democratic Party.

I do not agree with those that say it was a "disaster" and that it helped Donald Trump.

I think it drew a clear line between billionaires, NDA's, tax returns, and the Democratic Party.

It drew a clear distinction between the Republicans and the Democrats.

There was nothing for Donald Trump to celebrate. If anything, it showed how close Trump and Bloomberg are in the way they handle their financial affairs and how they bury potential lawsuits.

Just because it was rowdy and confrontational should not be interpreted as bad for the Party, in my opinion.

I do not believe there were viewers that changed their support to Donald Trump because of last night's debate.

Why is Bernie so popular?

He seems to be much more popular with Democrats in general than Democrats here on DU? Why is that?

Why do so many young people support him?

It's easy to simply ignore these questions but it might be useful to look a little more closely?

If Bernie is elected President, that does not mean that America becomes a full-fledged "Socialist" country tomorrow. There are guardrails called the US Congress. Until they are convinced of the benefits of Bernie's "socialist" ideas, we will remain mostly where we are today, in my opinion.

When we find ourselves in the minority, we might want to look a little closer at ourselves?

Just my opinion.

Billionaires did not use to be so common.

In my opinion, the technology revolution of the 1990's created a lot of wealth that went directly to the top. It was not equally distributed. But that was the way capitalism had always worked.

But when one person has as much wealth as the bottom 125,000,000 million Americans, something is awry. It is out of kilter. But that is the way capitalism works, we are told.

This massive transfer was happening at the same time as wages were stagnating and workers saw little or nothing of the great fortunes being made by a few lucky individuals. They were not geniuses. They were business-minded, lucky individuals.

However, as this wealth accumulated to a few at the top, our infrastructure and our society seemed to decline.

People asked, how much money does one person need? They were looked at as wild-eyed "socialists" for even asking such a question. Is wealth creation about individual freedom or the betterment of society? What should be the purpose of a capitalist system?

In my opinion, these are questions that should be asked. What responsibility does capitalism have to our society?

Why do people imagine aliens from outer space as having human-like features??

In every illustration we have ever seen, they have arms and legs and fingers and heads and eyeballs.

But their heads are usually larger than ours. They may have fewer fingers? They usually are about the same height as an average earthling. Most of the time they are depicted as having much larger eyeballs than humans? How would they know we were the superior species on Earth?

Why can they not look like birds? Or porpoises? Or cats?

Or why can they not be invisible? Or maybe they just blend in with the light or the darkness? Perhaps they are just an energy field that whispers subliminal messages?

Everything seems to be relative to our own appearances? They are either taller or shorter, compared to our own height?.

But why would they look like humans if they were to visit us?

Are they in disguise and just trying to trick us?

Beam me up, Scotty. There is no intelligent life down here.

It is so easy to hide on the dark side of the Moon.

Simple Twist of Fate


My fellow Americans, men and women of all Parties and persuasions.

It is time to look into our hearts and decide what kind of country we want to be?

It is time to examine our souls and decide what direction we want to go?

It is not about the economy, the stock market, personal wealth or comfort.

It is about decency, compassion, brotherhood, and better lives for our children and grandchildren. It is about making the world a better place than we found it.

It is not about political Parties or political leaders. It is about our fellowmen. We cannot survive in a world, isolated within our own desires.

We must not promote those that seek to tear down and divide our country. We must unite behind the common good. We should not support those that tear at the fabric that our forefathers and mothers have created. We should defend it with every breath of our being.

Let us unite as Americans. Let us build up that which has been passed to us. Let us not follow the siren song of partisanship and division.

Let us protect the precious freedom we have been granted.

(This is the message I wish to hear from our Democratic candidates)

Should every Democrat have to make public their income tax returns?

Or do they get to follow the example of Donald Trump and the Republicans?

Chances are, that if Donald Trump had been required to show his returns, he would have dropped out of the race in 2016. It is very possible.

But he was able to escape scrutiny by continuously claiming that his returns were in "audit".

Do we want the same thing to happen on the Democratic side?
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