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The story that Trump hated the most today?

It was the story about Obama's economy and the graph that went with it.

It showed that the last three years of Obama's presidency created more jobs than Trump's first three years, that he has been blabbing about as the "greatest economy ever" in the history of the country. He really did not like to see that.

He hopes that no one shows it again.

Otherwise, he may have to put that lie on the shelf for awhile and he is counting on that lie to win the next election.

My hope is that the Democrats show that graph every day.

Subterranean Homesick Blues

Which candidate do you think is bringing in the most "new voters" ?

Or are all of them just recycling old voters?

As a hypothetical, do you think Hillary would have done much better last election if she had chosen Bernie Sanders as her VP rather than Tim Kaine of VA?

Is it good or bad to be able to bring in new voters to a Party?

Do you believe Donald Trump is bringing in new voters to vote for him?

What is your opinion?

Is the media corrupted by huge amounts of money spent on TV ads?

Do they have a tendency to report more favorably on candidates that contribute huge sums to their bottom line?

Are they inclined to report on polls that favor the big spenders?

Do they look for ways to make everything a horserace?

To what degree are these media operations corrupted by big money?

Lies and the air of invincibility

Democrats should be careful not to believe everything they hear from swaggering liars. Yeah, he may be a billionaire? Or maybe not? Yeah, maybe he is will beat every Democrat now in the race? Or maybe not?

Yeah, maybe an over-whelming majority of Americans support his re-election? Or maybe not?

Democrats must not fall into a self-fulfilling prophecy. They should not give too much credit to big lies. They should not surrender to indecency and hatred. They should believe more in the humanity and common sense of Americans, rather than the attacks and division of evil people looking to demoralize and depress the goodness in people.

One thing that Donald Trump and his supporters need to understand.

A jury does not have to consist of only people that support Donald Trump, in order to be "fair".

An investigation does not have to consist of people that voted for Donald Trump in order to be "fair".

Just because someone says something critical of Donald Trump does not make it a "hoax" and does not make them un-American.

Just because someone states a fact that Donald Trump disagrees with does not make it false.

This bullshit needs to cease.

One point about Bernie Sanders:

He is not going to turn America into a "socialist" country.

Simply because he cannot pass laws without the support of a House and Senate that doesn't agree with him.

He is not going to pass M4A without the support of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. He is not going to raise taxes on the wealthy or the corporations without the support of his Party and the US Senate, if Republicans maintain control.

He is not a "boogie man". He is not the same type of threat as the present occupant in the White House. Mostly, because Bernie believes in the will of the people. He does not have "dictator" tendencies.

If he were to win the nomination, we would not be under the same threat to our democracy. He would respect the rule of law.

It doesn't matter who we are now supporting. We should be careful not to confuse Bernie Sanders with Donald Trump.

67% of Democratic voters in Monmouth poll want "unity" over "change".

Looking at candidate qualities, 67% of likely Democratic primary voters say they want someone who can unite the country, while 27% say they prefer someone who can bring about change. More than 4 in 10 “change” voters back Sanders (43%), while “unite” voters are divided between Bloomberg (26%) and Biden (19)


How important are Party labels in today's political environment?

Although Donald Trump supports whatever he perceives is in his political interests, it is hard to believe that he has any ideological core. He is not a "Republican".

Mike Bloomberg is garnering a lot of support from Democrats across the nation but, most of his life, he has labeled himself a "Republican". At different times, he has been an Independent, a Democrat, and a Republican.

Bernie Sanders, for his entire political career, has called himself an independent "Democratic Socialist" but has almost always voted with the Democrats in the US House and Senate.

We have life-long conservatives that cannot compete with Donald Trump on the Republican stage. We have life-long "moderate" Democrats that are having difficulty competing on the Democratic stage.

One must ask, just how important are these Party labels? Are voters adapting to the different political realities?

Do they have any deep ideological convictions or do they simply wish to be in power?

What does it mean to be a Republican or a Democrat today?

Trump believes if he can collect every redneck in America, he doesn't need anyone else.

Any day now, he will be making a jaunt down to the mountains of North Carolina to try and locate a couple of moonshiners he heard about on Twitter. He doesn't need any of that "uniting" nonsense. Once he gets the NASCAR voters, all the biker gangs, police unions, military retirees, pro-wrestling fans, the speaking-in tongues crowd, high school dropouts, and general illiterates, a couple of moonshiners should put him over the top.

He knows what appeals to them. That is why he likes to wrap himself in the American flag and talk about Two Corinthians. Say a few nasty words about those dirty and vicious Democrats who hate our country, and he believes that's enough to wrap up the next election.

Never under-estimate the value of hate and division. Mr Trump is attempting to corner the market.
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