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Mr BoJangles

Proof of the power of $$$ in politics.

In national polls, Mike Bloomberg is near the top.

Considering that he has not been in one debate nor been in any television interviews, that is quite an accomplishment. Nor has he been in any primary or caucus up to this point.

The only thing he has been in are television commercials. Reportedly, he has spent over $300 million dollars in political advertisements.

That is all he has done.

Yet, folks are saying he is the person to beat Trump.

The power of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I know this is a controversial statement to make:

But I think 80-years old is too old to be President.

Just my opinion.

Three of the present candidates now in the race could be 80-years old by their 2nd year in office.

With that said, I would likely vote for either of them over the present and clear danger now occupying that space. Although it would be very difficult to vote for Mr Bloomberg.

I have seen the Bloomberg Obama-ad so many times, it seems like Obama is endorsing him?

But, I don't think that is the case?

I think he is trolling for the black vote? "Hey, look how close I am to Barack. Forget about all those young black men we threw up against the wall in 'stop and frisk'."

It's rather cynical, if you ask me.

But nobody asked me.

In February, 1956, this song climbed the charts to #1.

How Democracy is losing to Fascism around the world?

It's worse than anyone has told you.

Fascism is control of governments by corporations and monied interests.

The one way that democracies (the people) could control corporations until recently was by taxation. That is no longer possible. Big corporations can simply threaten to move their jobs to other countries if you try to raise their taxes. High taxes on corporations is now an obsolete idea.

The loss of the power to tax is the loss of democracy.

It manifests itself in the wealthy taking over the levers of power, as they have done in Russia, and some will say, and America. It is difficult to argue against that statement. Two people in the state of Washington have as much wealth as half of America. This is the way wealth is now being distributed around the world.

If we look closely, Fascism is winning this war. You may call this defeatism and surrender, just negative comments to demoralize the people? I would say it is closer to reality than any of us have realized.

Did anyone see Mayor Pete on Chris Wallace's Show on FOX this morning?

I am wondering if this happened anywhere else or just here in Colorado?

Wallace asked him a question about being gay and then played an excerpt from Rush Limbaugh and Sebastian Gorka....then...the screen went directly to a commercial ??

When the commercials ended, Mayor Pete was in the middle of his response. No intros or explanations of any sort. I thought it was a little odd.

Many people may have switched channels after Limbaugh and Gorkas explanations?

Did anyone else see this?

I can remember when no one thought Jimmy Carter could win.

But, he did.

I think it is too early to write off anyone at this time. The voters have not yet made up their minds.

It is unfortunate that some will have to drop out for lack of money and some will stay in the race because they have a lot of money. That is not fair and there should be a law against it.

Democrats, whomever they support, should stick with their candidate so long as they can continue to fight. It is much too early to give up.

It would have been easy for Bill Clinton to give up when he lost the first four primaries, but he hung tough and became the "Comeback Kid".

What happened to Elizabeth?

Is it a little early to be asking that question?

I thought she hurt her chances when she came out for Medicare for All. But, Bernie is for Medicare for All and he is near the front of the pack?

I have vacillated back and forth with 'Undecided" but I am in her corner once again.

It has puzzled me for some time why Democrats feel the urge to support controversial issues when there is no one demanding them to do it and there is no over-whelming popularity making it necessary?

After all, it doesn't matter if someone is a "Socialist" or any other label, they cannot get their agenda passed without the support of the House and Senate. It is meaningless. Until you have the cards in your hand, do not be throwing money into the pot.

As for Medicare for All, many believe it has merit and will do much to help the working people of this country, as well as those that may lose their good-paying union jobs, or those that might have life-threatening medical conditions.

Those candidates that support the idea have to be able to sell it or they are going to have to wait until they have the cards in their hands before they put their money on the table. Meaning: Don't bet the farm on an issue until you have won the White House and have the numbers in the House and Senate to pass it.

In my opinion, Elizabeth needs a new way to message the Medicare for All issue if she wishes to challenge those ahead of her at this time.

I still believe she is the smartest and most knowledgeable candidate in the race.

The Unexpected Consequences of Impeachment

Primarily, it is that Republicans now feel responsible for their President's misbehaviors and misdemeanors. Up to the point of impeachment, it was the responsibility of the Democratic House to hold him accountable. Republicans were happy to maintain that responsibility in Democratic hands.

Since their refusal to convict, his every action reflects upon their desire to get re-elected. They wanted to believe he had learned his lesson. He seems to have learned the exact opposite lesson to what they wanted. He now believes he can get away with anything he wants. There is no one to hold him responsible. The idea of absolute lawlessness creates problems for those Republicans that wish to win the next election.

Yesterday, eight Republicans joined with Democrats to pass a War Powers Resolution to prevent their President from unilaterally declaring war on Iran. It was not enough to over-ride a veto but if Mr Trump commits another act similar to the assassination of a foreign official, will they be able to sell it again as an act to "prevent terrorism"?

It's as if they were forced to take custody of a juvenile delinquent. They promised the judge (the American people) that they could control him and keep him out of trouble. They are having difficulty controlling Trump's tweets and preventing the Justice Dept from outright mutiny.

The Democrats did their job and the Republicans, when they refused to convict, took responsibility of everything Mr Trump does from now until election. They cannot blame the Democrats. They would like for him to maintain at least enough normalcy to get them thru the next election. That could be a very big mountain to climb.

Democrats have probably not yet realized the benefits they created for themselves with the impeachment vote? They could sit on the sideline and let Mr Trump do whatever his lawless heart desires. It is the Republicans that will pay at the polls. They asked for it. Now, they've got it.
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