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Has Trump tweeted since the McCabe announcement?

Or does he feel restrained because of AG Barr's comment about his tweets yesterday?

How is he going to handle this challenge to his authority?

Is decency gone from politics?

Is it possible to run on decency in the age of Trump?

Where political rallies turn into mobs, screaming epithets and making threats to their opponents, has become the new norm.

Is it still possible to talk about liberal values? Is it still possible to speak of humanity as one, of equality for all, and love for all.

Although many liberals have never equated their political values with Biblical teachings, it is very much the same religious foundation. Love your neighbor as thyself. Do unto others, etc...

Have we gone beyond that? Is it possible to return to a more decent politics?

Promises made -Promises kept?


Which promises have been kept?

"It's up to the voters in November". Is it really?

The voters are only as good as the information with which they make their decisions.

In that respect, it is more up to the free press. It is up to you and I. It is up to the mainstream media. It is up to newspapers and other media.

So, in my opinion, it is not entirely accurate to say that "it is up to the voters in November", except in an indirect way.

It is more up to a free press to communicate a truth and reality to the people, of a reality that will happen if they should vote one way or another.

I do not see this discussion group as simply a place to rant or place photos of lovely animals. It is whatever you want it to be.

Why did Trump meet with Governor Andrew Cuomo today ??

Reportedly, it was about some sort of "Trusted Traveler Program"?

Maybe it was about something else?

Maybe Barr knows about it?

Maybe McConnell knows about it?

Maybe Lou Dobbs knows about it?

The conspiracy theories abound.

The Dude abides...

It feels like it's about time for a shitload of popcorn...

Is Trump bringing in Preibus to replace Mulvaney?

He has experience as WH Chief of Staff already.

Mulvaney will be gone tomorrow or by the weekend?

Look at what Lindsey did now!

He goes on the Sunday morning news show and announces that he talked with AG Barr that very morning. He said that the Atty-General was accepting information from Rudy Giuliani about Ukraine. He said the AG was not putting a lot of credibility on the information received.

Obviously, Lindsey was taking direction from someone. It was not something he would have done on his own.

That meant that AG Barr had to go public and either confirm or deny the story. He appeared visibly pained in having to clarify the comments of Lindsey Graham. It meant that he was taking this information and withholding it from the Senate trial and the House impeachment inquiry, when it could perhaps have been of some value in the trial.

Barr could not have been pleased with the way that information was transmitted to the public. It made him look complicit.

Then today, Trump calls into question the sentencing guidelines of the Justice Dept and tweets about what he would like them to do to make it more "fair". He puts the onus squarely on AG Barr, even as four prosecutors were resigning in protest.

Barr goes on ABC News to comment that the "tweets were making it impossible for him to do his job". What?! Criticizing his boss? A line he refused to cross?

I would not be surprised to see Mr Barr submit his resignation before the weekend. Mr Trump is probably already on the phone to Matt Whitaker?

The last eight days prove Democrats were absolutely right in impeaching Donald Trump

Also, it proves that the Republicans were wrong in not convicting him.

Since his acquittal by the Republican Senate, he has been on a vengeance tour. He has been cracking down on all his perceived enemies. The Justice Dept is in turmoil. Four prosecutors resigned in one day. He is using Bill Barr to apply his own "justice".

Today, he is in a battle of words with John Kelly, his ex-Chief of Staff. He is warning him to keep his mouth shut.

If there was any doubt about how he would react once he was acquitted, it has now been removed.

The Democrats have proven that he should have been impeached and removed. The Republicans have proven themselves unworthy of representing the interests of the American people. They were absolutely wrong in not removing this president.

How much psychological damage has been done to the American people?

Is it impossible to measure?

How much trauma have people endured over the last three years, with the hope that it would soon be over?

Much like a prisoner that accepts his condition, knowing that he will someday be free.

But, in some ways, the prisoner is in a better situation. The American people do not know that it is going to end. It appears to get worse day by day, and week by week.

I have little doubt that the neglect of our politicians (Republicans) to do anything about it, has done significant psychological damage to much of America. Even those that believe they are immune from the present environment, have also suffered, in ways that cannot be explained.

This may be a subject matter that no one wishes to discuss, but, in my opinion, it is real.
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