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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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They wanted to shake things up. They wanted chaos and disorder.

Now, they got it.

But, the way they are whinin' and complainin', they don't seem to like it as much as they thought?

They want the US military to come in and take care of business.

Their world is being disrupted.

The first roadblock on the path to dictatorship

They thought impeachment might do it. But Republicans ignored all the charges and all the witnesses, so it went no where.

The Russia investigation, with all its convictions and evidence, was swept under the rug. It was called a "hoax" and forgotten about.

The Ukraine scandal, with evidence that would have destroyed any other presidency, was dismissed as trivial and political.

Herr Trump was on the phone with Putin all the time. Nobody knew what they were talking about? The American people depended on Russia to report the news about the phone calls.

It looked like clear sailing to a dictatorship in America. There was no resistance.

Until General Milley was used as a military prop for a photo op at a church near the White House. He was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the highest ranking military man in the nation. He was dressed in combat fatigues and walked with the White House lackeys down to the church for a photo op with a Bible. He was used by Donald Trump to signal that the military was under his control.

But, about ten days later, General Milley seemed to have second thoughts? Perhaps he had talked with other military people? Without discussing it with the White House , he came on TV to apologize to the American people for allowing himself to be put into such a position. He said he was wrong.

For the first time, someone had put up a roadblock in front of Donald Trump's march to total control of our government. The dictatorship was just around the corner. However, he could not complete his mission without the military behind him. Like a bucket of cold water in the face, General Milley stood up and told Donald Trump that the military was not with him.

This was a victory for the American people and a defeat for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.


What else have you got to lose?

Thanks to JHB Friday Toons!

This Little Light of Mine

I voted by mail today.

They have a website you can visit to make sure they received your ballot.

I liked Hickenlooper but I voted for Andrew Romanoff. We have known him for many years. Also, he supported me many years ago, when I ran for office.

I can support either candidate that wins the primary.

Why did they build so many forts in the South and why did they name them after the enemies?

This is just my opinion, but I believe the reasons were two-fold: One, to maintain security in that part of the country. And two, as a compromise with Southerners, they named them after Confederate Generals.

Their primary motivation was to try to bring the country together after the Civil War. Holding the Union together was of utmost importance. African-Americans had little power and fewer allies than today. I doubt that there was widespread opposition? I may be wrong.

But, that time, and that perceived necessity, has now passed. It is time to re-name those military bases in a way that is more consistent with our history and our present reality, in my opinion.

The War is over. It's time to unite the country once again.

Don't think twice

Police and the Pursuit of Happiness

One of the three "unalienable rights" guaranteed by the Constitution of the U.S. - the other two being Life and Liberty.

How can a person have one without the others? It is not possible.

No one can be free if they are demonized, harangued, beaten, and killed by a police force.

Black Lives Matter is about liberty and life and the pursuit of happiness.

People should not have to live in fear in a "free" country.

Do you have a different opinion of Republicans now than in the past?

Or do you feel the same about them as always?

Was there a time that you recognized your political differences but you respected their right to have them?

Has that changed? Do you still see it as political differences or something larger?

How have they changed?

You Win Again (Rolling Stones)

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