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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Mississippi Kid

The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band

The Lawless and Disorderly President

(Thanks to JHB for the Tuesday 'Toons)

Hillbilly Highway

"Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one."

The man in the White House is not a very good carpenter.

However, he is good at kicking down barns.

But, when called out for making too much noise, he said we were going to build huge barns, great barns, beautiful barns, to replace them.

We are still waiting for those wonderful barns...

Trump says, "Don't believe the polls....believe the unemployment numbers".

Herr Leader has been really pissed with the latest poll numbers showing him far behind Joe Biden at this time in the race. He wants it investigated.

At the same time, he said nothing about the latest unemployment numbers from his Administration, which some say were off by about 5 million workers?

As usual, Herr Leader is very selective with the numbers he chooses to believe and accept.

Vote Trump!

If you want continued insanity, division, hatred, violence, disinformation, and further decline in your country.

Vote as if your life depended on it. It doesn't get any better than this!

Don't be deceived by your lying eyes. Believe what they tell you.

Vote insanely! Vote Trump!

Can You Imagine?

Where we will be if Trump is elected for another four years?

How much further can we decline as a nation?

He intentionally creates division and he will continue to divide our nation, regardless of who wins the next election. He has infected this country with paranoia, hatred, and everything negative that we have fought against our entire lives.

It will get worse. Take it to the bank.

He was a snake when he came down the golden escalator and he will remain a snake for however long he is permitted to remain in power.

Would we survive four more years of Trump? Probably, but we would be a Third World country. We will have lost all our standing around the world. This is the biggest mistake the voters of this country has ever made. Many of our families and friends will be struggling to have food and shelter, to stay alive.

The Soft Parade

For the good of our country, Trump should resign.

It should not be so easy to simply brush off.

Our country is being threatened from "within" and from "without". It is no time to play partisan games. Mitch McConnell needs to come to his senses. Rest assured, he is no patriot.

It is the last chance for the Republican Party to save itself. It has "Whigged" out before. It could very well happen again.

It is not going to get better for them between now and election day. They need to do something if they are to save their Party. It's like they are all from the "Show Me" State of Missouri. They will have to be shown.

They put all their money in the pot on Donald Trump. They have to see the last card.

If they truly cared for their country, they would do something.

Not just wait until the election.
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