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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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The protestors seemed different?

There didn't seem to be as many Baby Boomers as in the past?

Instead, they have been replaced.

The marchers are more young, a lot of Generation Z, a lot of energy, demanding justice, and more aggressive than the Baby Boomers of the past. They are not as easily controlled.

As for Baby Boomers, they will be judged by what was accomplished in social good and civil rights during their ascendancy. Where were women and minorities before the 1950's? In my opinion, we can see progress, but it is not near enough.

Midnight Rider

Pickup Truck Song

Did anyone see the comments of General Colin Powell on CNN this morning?

For me, it was almost shocking in its clarity.

He pulled few punches. He emphasized what we have lost around the world in prestige and respect and how Trump lies all the time and how he thought he alone could invite the Russian leader, Putin, back into the G7?

He also said that he would be voting for Joe Biden.

I hope there were Republicans watching and listening carefully to his words.

He is trying to pull them back from the ledge, in my opinion.

Should there be a Second Constitutional Convention?

Who would be invited to attend?

Where would it be?

Would Black Lives Matter supporters be invited to the Convention?

How could it not be an improvement over what we have now?

What new Amendments would you like to see added to the Constitution?

Or should we write a new Constitution?

What have we got to lose?

A Question ?

Why is Trump putting a fence around the White House with concrete bunkers and razor wire?

Does he plan on using it later? Like on January 20th, 2021? "Come and get me, Coppers!"

The optics are not good.

Is this his checkmate move? He is ready to divide the military - those that stand with him and those that take the side of the "fake news" and "enemies of the people"?

All he needs is 3 or 4 Generals to join him and he can sell the rest.

(Paranoia strikes deep)

Alison Krauss has an angelic voice.

Reuben's Train

The hardest truths to accept...

Donald Trump is not acting alone.

He is supported wholeheartedly by the Republicans in the House and Senate, led by Mitch McConnell. Their silence is consent. They care more for their Party than their country.

The Republicans in the House and Senate are supported by Republican voters. These Republican voters are not innocent bystanders. They could put pressure on their Republican Senators if they wanted to. Their silence tells us they are complicit with the rest of their Party.

We would like to think that they disagree with the words and tactics of Donald Trump but there is no evidence to suggest they disagree with anything he does.

These are hard truths to accept. These are our family members. These are life-long friends.

They are not going to see the light. They have gone to the dark side.

It is very hard to accept these truths.

Levon Helm - The Mountain

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