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He's got your back!

Gentle On My Mind

He Rode All The Way To Texas

We have now gone full circle from General Flynn?

In January of 2017, General Michael Flynn was captured in a phone call with the Russians. Red flags went up everywhere. This was the National Security Advisor on the phone having secret phone calls with the Russians. (Photos had already been published of General Flynn sitting at a table with Vladimir Putin) The suspicions were already there.

It was up to the Republicans to do something about it. They were then in charge of the House, the Senate, and the White House. They were in charge of everything.

It was up to them to do something about the charges against General Flynn, which had been recorded by our FBI. The inauguration came and went and General Flynn remained in his position, with full access to all of America's secrets.

There were rumors in the press that Mr Trump had business interests in Moscow, where he wanted to build a new Moscow Trump Tower. It was later proven, also with testimony from his lawyer, Michael Cohen, that they were indeed negotiating to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Also, they were negotiating during the entirety of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Republicans felt very pressured to do something. So they appointed a Special Counsel, named Robert Mueller, to investigate the charges that Russia may have interfered with the 2016 election? That also, was proven to be true.

Then we had all the controversies in between. From Russia, to Syria, to China, to North Korea, to Saudi Arabia, there seemed to be something going on just below the surface?

Additionally, there were all the "private" phone calls between Trump and Putin?

Eventually, the polls began to go in a more negative direction for Mr Trump. Now, we see a bit of election anxiety in the Republican Party. They are very concerned that Mr Trump may take down a large number of them in November.

More than three and a half years later, it seems we have come full circle? Hillary and Nancy were correct. All the roads do lead to Putin.

The Republican Party is at a crossroads. They are back at the same spot they were in January of 2017. Do they appoint another "Special Counsel"?

Remember Richard Grenell?

He was appointed as Acting DNI on February 20th of this year, replacing Joseph Maguire. He was a Trump puppet until May 25, when John Ratliffe was appointed the new DNI.

He was also the ambassador to Germany. He was the DNI while all the controversy about the Russian bounties was going on.

Two plus two equals four.

There does appear to be much more to the story.

Ask Keith:


I detect a surge of desperation with Republicans this morning.

Mike Pence is urging everyone to wear a mask?

The polls are showing Trump behind in normally reliable states for Republicans.

Trump re-assures his base that his internal polling shows him doing very well.

The Supreme Court rules against Louisiana's abortion law.

Nancy Pelosi is requesting a full House hearing on the Russian bounty charges.

A Republican Senator goes on FOX News to say he expects a vaccine for the coronavirus in a couple of months.

It does look like the chickens are coming home to roost.

The Trump "cult" are losing their minds.

We have seen multiple examples of them losing it and ranting in public displays. They are very angry and confused.

Is the pandemic a hoax? Should they wear a mask or not? Herr Leader says he is not going to wear one and he will know who is on his side by following his example.

The Doctors and Scientists are all wrong. Their leader is right.

It is all a creation of the "fake news". It is all so confusing.

So they react by refusing to wear their mask and yell and scream at those who do. There is a lot of pressure when you put your life on the line for your cult Leader.

It's hard to tell what is "real" anymore.

Mitch McConnell would like a "pow-wow" with his fellow accomplices.

The sh*t is getting real.

Republicans are running behind in states that are usually safe for them, like Georgia and Texas.

Not only could Republicans lose their majority in the Senate, but Mitch would no longer be Majority Leader. In fact, he may not even win his race in Kentucky?

The reason they are behind in these states is Donald Trump. If they stay on the Trump wagon, it is very possible, even likely, that some of them will not be in the US Senate after the election.

What should they do?

If Jethro Were Here

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