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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Twilight Time

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind

The Ducktators (Looney Toons)

Goodnight, Irene

Sweet Melissa

Sweet Dreams

I hope I live to see this headline:


Nothing would be more humiliating for him than to lose by a landslide in the Electoral College. If he cannot turn the polls around, he might actually consider resigning? (Just as Scarborough has noted) He would go out on his own terms. Not as a "loser".

Night Train - James Brown


Republicans are becoming very concerned about the recent poll numbers.

Senator Grassley of Iowa suggested that the White House do an "intervention" with Mr Trump or, otherwise, he would bring them wholesale defeat.

Finally, Donald Trump does something that gets their attention.

They never minded when he was making deals with Russia to help with his election. No big deal.

They never minded when he put our country at risk by dealing with the North Korean dictator.

They never minded when he was unilaterally selling nuclear materials to Saudi Arabia.

They never minded when he held up military aid to Ukraine until they helped him with his campaign against Joe Biden. They defended him when he was impeached for it.

But now, his low rankings in the polls is causing great alarm in their caucus. He might drag them down with him in November.

They have finally gotten serious.

They are very concerned.
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