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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Are Democrats at risk of losing "law and order" issue to Donald Trump?

How important is "law and order" issue to voting Americans?

Do Democrats need to be stronger on "law and order"?

How would that be manifested?

Should Democrats support tearing down statues?

Should Democratic leaders remain silent during vandalism?

Is there a political price to pay?

Or is it no big deal to you?

Just Because

Illusions and Reality


The lack of oversight is not the fault of Donald Trump...

It is the fault of the US Congress, most specifically, the US Senate.

The House does not get to escape scrutiny either. It is not enough to say, "we impeached but the Senate would do nothing about it" and say no more. We will just wait for the next election.

The problem is Mitch McConnell. He is sleep-walking thru the rubble, in which he has done his part. In his quixotic quest to "pack the courts", he has failed in every respect to protect our country and our Constitution. He and his Party should be sent a message on Election Day.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

The People of this Country are Americans before they are Republicans or Democrats.

(edited: "He is sleep-walking thru history." )

Poof ! He was gone.

Gallows Song

Is Joe Biden speaking with Barack Obama?

Hopefully, he is. I assume that he is.

His job will be gargantuan. He will need all the advice and help he can get, in my opinion.

This time, the Republicans have totaled our democracy. They have run our economy over the cliff. It was a good economy for 10 or 11 years, thanks to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The country has been stressed to the max by the Covid-19 pandemic. Donald Trump divided the people during a pandemic. When the doctors and experts were telling the people to wear masks, Donald Trump was telling them something else. One-hundred and twenty thousand people have died from the virus.

On top of all that, the corruption slithers out of this White House. They act more like a crime Family than someone that is supposed to be leading our country and protecting our Constitution. And bringing us together if there is a crisis? Republicans have done real well, haven't they? How could anyone not see what is happening?

Goin' Down This Road Feelin' Bad

I Ain't No False Prophet

Will this ABC interview with John Bolton have any impact with Republican voters?

Bolton is a hardcore conservative and Republicans, in general, have held him in high esteem.

Until he was either fired or resigned? Different sides have different opinions.

With the assistance of the Martha Raddatz production team, it turned into a fascinating partisan interview. He wasn't intending to speak to a liberal audience. He was speaking to Republicans.

If it sparks a conversation between Republicans, then that may be a good thing?

Much of the Republican Party has been in a partisan stupor for the last 4 or so years. They need to have a serious discussion amongst themselves. Will any of them be talking about the Bolton book or the ABC interview?

When that happens, we will have made progress.


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