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Piano Man

It will do little good to kick Trump out of office if....

....we keep in office those that protected and defended the psychopath in the White House.

They were all complicit in the damage that has been done to our country.

They were complicit with each and every divisive tweet.

They should not be rewarded with a public office by pretending they did not know what was going on?

Every single one of them should be defeated and swept into the dustbin of history.

When a bully walks out of his house, angry and looking for a fight...

... he will usually find one.

I have learned in my numerous years that, not only will he find the fight he is looking for, he will usually get his ass kicked.

Donald Trump is a bully and last night kicked his ass. He came in all blustery and arrogant. He was going to have overflow crowds cheering him on. But, the huge crowd did not appear.

In the end, the bully was left defeated and embarrassed. He left town with his tail between his legs.


Juvenal, a Roman poet talked about giving the common people bread and circuses to keep them happy and entertained. It distracted them from the real world and the real suffering.

The Trump White House has been busy this week implementing the "bread and circuses" strategy. Last night, there was the embarrassment in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they had to tear down a stage they had built for the overflow crowd they were anticipating, but who never showed up?

Also, there was the embarrassment at West Point, where Mr Trump almost crawled down a ramp, after he looked like the oldest guy in the nursing home attempting to drink a glass of water.

This was on top of the attack tweets, with all the name-calling, that he has been busy doing the whole week.

But, it was all a distraction to try to get people to think about and talk about something besides the revelations in John Bolton's book. John Bolton, the hawk of all conservative hawks finally broke the truth on Donald Trump. It painted a portrait of a dangerous and incompetent leader who was willing to sell out the country for his own personal benefit. It was a devastating expose. The White House had to do something to turn the attention elsewhere.

Mr Bolton called Donald Trump a threat to our national security. But, is that something that most people did not already know? We can anticipate that for the next five months, the Republicans will attempt to hide and obfuscate these revelations to get through the next election.

Hot 'Lanta

The Vaccine

Thanks to JHB's 'toons!

Trump is fanning the flames of hatred and racism.

He and his supporters can pretend that the choice of Tulsa for the Trump rally was just a coincidence and that the original date of June 19th just happened to be the only open date on the calendar?

But folks with more than one brain cell, can see that it was planned and contrived to further the divisive agenda of Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Trump knows the history of Tulsa: https://www.history.com/topics/roaring-twenties/tulsa-race-massacre "During the Tulsa Race Massacre (also known as the Tulsa Race Riot), which occurred over 18 hours on May 31-June 1, 1921, a white mob attacked residents, homes and businesses in the predominantly black Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event remains one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. history, and one of the least-known: News reports were largely squelched, despite the fact that hundreds of people were killed and thousands left homeless."

Yet, he persists.

"...one Nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All".

Well, I think we should take out the word, "indivisible" from the Pledge of Allegiance. After all, there is nothing that Donald Trump cannot divide. He can even divide the people during a global pandemic.

He and his Republican accomplices are tearing this nation apart. There can be no unity. There can only be differences and division.

The recklessness and hatred has become a threat to us all. We cannot escape the dangers that are promoted and spread by Trump and the Republicans.

Why it would be a good idea for Democrats to work with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) on police reform?

It should be noted that Scott is the only African-American Republican in the US Senate.

Democrats would be able to put pressure on the entire Republican caucus if they work with Scott to come up with real "police reform". The public should be kept abreast of their negotiations.

In my opinion, this would be a good strategy for the Democrats.

The one most hated...

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