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Should Trump be impeached again?

I was just reading where the chief scientists in the coronavirus task force advised Trump to not attend the rally in Tulsa.

He is gambling with the lives of all Americans. Who knows where the virus might spike up next?

In addition to the bombshell information in the John Bolton book, there is plenty of evidence, there just isn't much backbone. It's almost like a death wish by Senator McConnell and his Republican comrades.

No leader is more important than the survival of this country. A leader that threatens our survival should be kicked to the curb immediately. If the Senate cannot get a resignation, then they should proceed with the impeachment, that could be easily resent from the House by Speaker Pelosi, with a few added charges from the book by John Bolton, which he refused to testify about just four or five months ago.

It's easy to play it safe and say it would never be legitimate unless he is beaten at the polls. Of course, even if he is beaten at the polls, we all know what he would say already.

Putting the squeeze on...

Revolution #1

All For The Love Of A Girl

White Room

How to cheat a "cheater"?

In hindsight, I think we can see why Trump was loving up to Kim Jong Un?

North Korea's closest ally is China.

By cozying up to Kim Jong Un, Trump wanted to show the Chinese leaders that he was willing to do what they wanted if they would help him win the next election.

It didn't matter if the Chinese were putting a million people into concentration camps. Human rights was no issue for Trump. In fact, he encouraged the Chinese to do it.

According to Bolton, Trump thought the press were "scumbags" and should be "executed".

The Republicans knew everything and they did nothing.

What they have done is unforgivable.

John Bolton betrayed his duty to his country.

He put his book above the welfare of this country.

He was the one person that could have spoken up during the impeachment and he chose to be silent, and wait for his book to be published.

He knew how dangerous and how criminal Donald Trump was and he chose to keep it quiet.

In no way should he now be applauded for coming out with his revelations.

If Trump's actions were as bad as he now says, there is no excuse for Mr Bolton.

(on edit: Perhaps we should ask why?)

Handsome Johnny

Trillions in Stimulus Go Unchecked With Watchdogs Kept Toothless


The U.S. has spent more than half of $3 trillion in economic rescue funds passed by Congress -- with little of the oversight intended to ensure the money goes to the right places.

Some of the oversight bodies are barely functional: A special inspector general was only recently sworn in, a congressional panel still lacks a chairman and staff, and President Donald Trump quickly removed the official who was going to lead a separate accountability committee.

At the same time, about $2 trillion in stimulus money has already been distributed, according to an estimate from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan group focused on fiscal policy.

The sheer size of the pandemic response means thereís a wide swath of issues to investigate. But mistrust in Washington is so deep that the oversight groupsí investigations are already mired in politics. Leaders of both parties have failed to agree on a chairman to lead the congressional oversight panel. And Democrats are already voicing concerns on whether Trumpís hand-picked special inspector general for the stimulus can be independent from his former boss
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