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The best "oranges" of the Russia investigation

When asked about his foreign policy team, candidate Trump mentioned the name of Carter Page? I guess he didn't know that Page was on the FBI watch list since 2013?

When General Flynn was wheeling and dealing with the Russians and then lied about it when questioned by the FBI.

When Donald Trump fired James Comey and then met the Russian officials in the White House and laughed and joked about it. The only press permitted was the Russian press.

When someone mysteriously removed a section of the GOP platform at their Convention. It was changed to favor Russia over Ukraine.

When Trump told the whopper about having nothing to do with Russia, even as he was negotiating a deal for Trump Moscow Tower.

When Trump had his secret meeting with Putin in Helsinski and stood on the stage and praised Putin and bad-mouthed America.

These were just a few of the most memorable "oranges" of the witch hunt called the Mueller investigation.

Of course, there was no collusion or obstruction.

Is Mueller still the Special Counsel?

I assume he is still on the payroll? Supposedly he is helping Barr? I have not heard anything about him returning to private practice.

Likewise with Rosenstein. He was supposed to leave the Dept a month ago but decided to stay on until investigation was over. I think he is still on the payroll also.

When are they going to close shop?

DoJ lawyers and Mueller team lawyers are working together on redactions

This is what AG Barr stated in his testimony a couple of days ago.

If this is true, I would be surprised if Barr lets the redactions go as the two teams of lawyers decide?

Because the Mueller team lawyers are very bright and they will fight to keep their work from being redacted.

We may be surprised at some of the information that gets thru after redactions, would be my guess.

And my hope....

Barr says spying did occur on the Trump campaign and they should have been notified.

He later changed "spying" to "unauthorized surveillance".

But, as I recall, a panic set in when it was discovered that General Flynn was communicating with the Russian, before the Administration had been sworn in, and then lied about it to the FBI.

Then, Sally Yates went to the White House to inform them of the problem.

The White House did nothing. Flynn stayed on for another 18 days as the National Security Adviser.

Soon thereafter Sally Yates was fired for her position on another matter.

If Trump and Barr want to know the "oranges" of this investigation, I would say this was it.

Then, it seemed like the entire Administration was intent on lying about their meetings with Russians.

The FBI had every right to investigate.

Barr attempted to make Mueller look "indecisive" by making the conclusions on his own.

That was the impression we were supposed to have when he wrote his first letter.

But, perhaps, it was something totally different?

Perhaps Mr Mueller told Mr Barr that he could not "exonerate" Mr Trump and there were still a lot of questions outstanding in the investigation?

Perhaps Mr Barr had assured Mr Trump that he would shut down the investigation, whether or not Mr Mueller was finished?

This seems like a more likely scenario to me.

A clarification about Trump's taxes.

Republicans are quick to claim that voters voted for Donald Trump even though they knew he was not going to show his tax returns.

That is not hardly correct.

Before the election, he never said that he was not going to show his tax returns. In fact, he said that he would show his returns as soon as they were out of audit. He led everyone, including his supporters, to believe that he would show his tax returns.

Never once before the 2016 election did he say that he would not show his returns.

Never once did they say that was a hill they were willing to die on, rather than turn over the tax returns.

Weren't the Republicans in charge of the House until January of this year?

But Trump is blaming Democrats for obstruction and for the immigration crisis on our border.

The child-separation policy was the brainchild of AG Jeff Sessions, with the approval of Donald Trump, not the brainchild of Barack Obama.

How deep is the conflict between Barr and Mueller?

From my gleanings of Mr Barr's testimony this morning, there appears to be a deep fissure between the two.

First of all, he said he offered to let Mr Mueller read his letter before he submitted it to Congress and Mueller declined? Why would he decline?

Also, he said there was a meeting with Mueller, Rosenstein, and himself on March 6. That coincidentally happened to be the time the rumor was put out that Mueller was wrapping up his investigation. It was at that time that Mueller said he could not exonerate Mr Trump at this time.

Mr Barr was obviously doing the bidding of Mr Trump by attempting to wrap up the investigation before Mr Mueller was finished. Mr Mueller's team was forced to come out and say they were not going to finish their investigation at that time.

Since Mr Barr said he wrote the letter by himself, why did he put the sentence about how the Specil Counsel "could not exonerate" Mr Trump into his letter? Then come to a totally different conclusion than Mr Mueller?

In my opinion, Mr Mueller is very, very pissed off with the whole charade and cover-up and Mr Barr is attempting to appease him by letting him work on the redactions. The Mueller team has already expressed their exasperation with Mr Barr's efforts.

Mr Mueller would love to be called to testify before the Congress, in my opinion. He would prefer it to be in private so he could let it all hang out.

Mr Barr did not just put his narrative on the investigation, he put his narrative to the role that Mr Mueller had in the release of his letter and his disgraceful conclusions.

It does appear that Mr Barr is carrying the water for Mr Trump and not the American people. When asked if the White House had read the report, he refused to answer and changed the subject.

Is abuse of power a serious charge?

We have seen abuse so bad that it threatens our national security.

Threatening to fire everyone that might present a threat to your authority.

Threatening to penalize our allies if they do not go along with your wishes.

Totally disrespecting our institutions and the rule of law.

Indulging in nepotism and hiring incompetents for important positions in government.

Ignoring Senate confirmations and hiring everyone as "acting" the positions.

Dividing our nation at every opportunity.

Attempts to ridicule political opponents with ridicule and nicknames.

Verbal abuse of Cabinet Secretaries and those in the Justice Department that are investigating crimes against our government.

Taking children from the arms of their parents and locking them up in cages.

Outright lying and distortions to promote a personal political agenda...

Obstructing the will of the Congress and the American people.

And on and on...

What does our country stand for?

Does it stand for what the two Parties stand for?

If so, we are totally screwed.

Because the two Parties do not seem to stand for any principles except in words only. The only thing they seem to believe is worth fighting for is political power. Morality and ethics are secondary to remaining in power. Because, without power, we have no voice.

Is that what we want to stand for as a Party? What happened to the better angels of our nature?

If we are only willing to fight the battles we know we can win, then we are cowards. We are losers.

We must stand for something besides political power.
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