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Are there no consequences for supporting the criminal acts of Donald Trump?

Can these Republican Senators stand behind Trump and not suffer in the next election? Their silence seems to indicate that they believe they can. So long as they can hide behind the lies, they feel fairly secure.

They cannot escape complicity even if they escape any punishment. They know what they are supporting. They are fooling no one, except the base they need to maintain their seats.

If you, as a Senator, do not speak out about the illegal and unconstitutional actions in Ukraine, then you are a part of it. The voters should make you pay the ultimate price for a professional politician. They should send them home to find a new profession.

But, will the voters ever be that enlightened?

Has Donald Trump ever broken the law?

He accuses the government of spying on him. He calls the FBI "dirty cops". He says those that investigated him and those that impeached him should be tried for treason. They should be in prison.

It has been said that behind every great fortune is a great crime. In this case, Donald Trump has committed a great crime.

Before his election in 2016, with the help of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid off a porn star to keep her from going public with some embarrassing information. He created a shell company to hide the money. Was that illegal?

Was it just a minor offense when he appraised his properties at high values when he was selling them, and at very low values when he was paying taxes on them? Was that illegal?

When he was laundering Russian money thru his mansions, his condos, his golf courses, was that legal?

When he was skimming money from his charitable organizatiom to use as a personal slush fund, was that legal?

From what we know about Donald Trump, he should be under the prison. He is a lifelong criminal and it is really rich to hear him accuse others of doing him wrong and threatening prison.

The emperor lies a lot and he has no clothes. Perhaps someday he will receive the justice he desires to see in his enemies.

He is a criminal and should be in prison. The entire country knows it.

Friday could be a very big news day.

A judge is scheduled to rule on the Don McGahn case. Whether or not he is required to testify and cooperate with a Congressional subpoena?

Also, we should not be surprised if the Judiciary or Intel Committees announce their intent to subpoena more witnesses to testify about what they might know about withholding funds from Ukraine.

In my opinion, the push for the impeachment trial will get hot and heavy.

Pelosi may announce that she is temporarily holding up the Articles because new evidence has come forward, and new charges may need to be added to the present Articles.

Republicans will not announce publicly their positions on witnesses.

That is something that they would inform McConnell about privately.

We don't really know how many Republicans at this time that are demanding witnesses in a Senate trial? They are keeping their cards very close to their vests.

We should watch for any comments from McConnell about whether or not there will be witnesses. If he is adamantly opposed, he probably has the votes to prevent any witnesses? If he shows that he might be open to witnesses, then he is getting private feedback from some Republicans that are not willing to go along with the idea of no witnesses.

More or fewer "House Managers"? Which would be most effective in a Senate trial?

I keep thinking back to the Congressmen allotted 5 minutes each during the impeachment hearings. It was not very effective.

It was most effective when they had one counsel asking the questions.

It has been reported that many Reps want to be one of the House Managers? Is that really a good idea?

In my opinion, fewer may be better?

I think 4 or 5 managers may be ideal for such a trial? I could see Adam Schiff, Eric Swawell, Jackie Spier, Val Deming, and David Ciccilone as an effective team, although there are several capable of doing the job.

Why Republicans would be wise to cut Trump loose?

Win or lose the next election, he is going to maintain control of the Republican Party.

If he wins the next election, they will inherit the whirlwind. He will totally destroy the Republican Party, and maybe the country, in the process.

If he loses in November, he will still be giving orders to the Republican Party from Mar-a-Lago, the Southern White House. Most of his base will still consider him the leader of their Party.

Republicans are in a no-win situation. However, they can lose less if they cut their losses now and begin to rebuild what is left of their Party.

They are on their way to a political calamity of historic proportions.
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