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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Killing Floor

Before the Soggy Bottom Boys...


The people spoke!

They voted. You lost.

Stop the lying! Stop the instigating! Stop the crying! Stop the denial!

What can't you understand?! You lost!

Get the hell out of the People's House!


And take your riff-raff, your grifters, and your bevy of criminals with you!

Get out now!

You heap of dung!


How would you feel if your entire belief system had collapsed around you?

That must be how Donald feels?

He has worked harder since he lost the election than at anytime during the last 4 years.

He has created lies out of thin air and persuaded his followers to pronounce them as truth. It is so difficult to pull a rabbit out of a hat when you have no rabbit. Objective reality has slapped him hard.

It always worked for him in the past. He was able to bribe or threaten to get whatever he wanted.

However, this time, the stakes were much too high for him. Too many people knew he was an established liar and nobody was buying his stories without evidence.

So, all he could do was criticize and blame others for his loss. He cried and pouted and threatened everyone he thought was preventing him from realizing his dreams.

His world has collapsed around him.

Republicans are not going to follow Trump off the cliff.

They have gone as far as they can go with him. They will vote to over-ride his veto.

Perhaps there are still a number in the House that will continue to follow him but it will be much fewer in the Senate. (Some of those up for re-election in 2022 may still voice support?)

He has shown just how crazy and unpredictable he can be after his defeat in November.

The Republican challenge is how can they build up their own Party at the same time they are tearing down Trump?

He has given them all the ammunition they need if they choose to use it.

I expect the Republicans in the Senate to mostly ignore him.

"See everyone in D.C."

This was reportedly tweeted by Trump this morning.

Those that understand the "code" see this as a call to arms.

He wants "his people" to come to D.C. and disrupt the Electoral count from Congress.

But now that he has shown his full crazy, how many will still follow him down that road?

No doubt, he would like for "his people" to bring their 2nd Amendment to the "protest". There's nothing he would like more than a little chaos and violence.

Does the Democratic Party need to return to a platform of .....?

Higher taxes on the wealthy? No more of this 0% taxation bullshit and a shitload of exemptions for everyone in the top 1%?

How about returning to a tax rate of 70% on those like the CEO's of FaceBook and Amazon and the people that collect money just for the purpose of being wealthy, not for investment?

Now, we are sitting at about $30 trillion dollars in debt and it's only a problem when Democrats are in power. Never mind that it is the Republicans that drive up the debt or create the conditions to drive up the debt, as they have done with Trump. The largest debt increase in history, that started with a $2 trillion dollar tax cut for Trump and his cronies.

How about a platform that calls for cuts to the Defense budget? Is $740 billion a year really necessary? What happened to the old Democratic Party that used to challenge this spending for the rich and the defense contractors?

How about more social spending on our people? On education, on housing, on job training, etc?

Does the entire political system need reform?



(25 Days)

The original Carter Family - Keep On The Sunny Side

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